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Vegan Planet: Quick-Fix Veg*n

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Quick-Fix Veg*n

I’ve had several people ask me if the recipes in my book Quick-Fix Vegetarian are vegan, and I’m happy to say “Yes! the fast-and-easy recipes in Quick-Fix Vegetarian are vegan. I’m sorry for any confusion and I hope lacto-ovo-vegetarians and omnivores, too, will discover how delicious (and quick) these recipes are. I’ve been very pleased with the great compliments Quick-Fix Vegetarian has received. Here are a few:

Thankfully, Robin Robertson understands that recipes don’t need to be complicated, voluminous, or inaccessible to be delicious....The simplicity of these 150 recipes is what makes them perfect.
--VegNews Magazine

If you think being vegetarian is boring, then read this book! It’s full of mouth-watering recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, making it a perfect introduction to vegetarian living.

People who rarely cook but wish they could put more time into homemade meals will find Quick-Fix Vegetarian a genuine treasure.

Most people live a hectic lifestyle these days, and any quick-and-easy vegetarian cookbook is greatly appreciated.
--Vegetarian Journal

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Congratulations on your new book! I wish you much success- and a Happy Chinese New Year! :)
Hi! Vegan Planet was my first vegan cookbook. It taught me so much. I look forward to following this blog and checking out your new books.
Hi Andrea - thanks so much for the good wishes.
Hey Trina, I appreciate your kind words about Vegan Planet. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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