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Vegan Planet: Valentine's Day Dinner -- Over the top?

Friday, February 1, 2008


Valentine's Day Dinner -- Over the top?

I must be a romantic at heart, but there’s something about Valentines Day that makes me want to prepare what some may consider an over-the-top theme dinner. Each year I try to outdo myself, setting parameters such as all the food has to be red, or all the food has to be heart-shaped. One year I tried for both, and it was a bit extreme, even for me.

This year, I’m going with a “heart” theme, too – everything I serve has to have “heart” in either it’s name or shape. I’m posting the menu now. I’ll post photos of the results on February 14th:

Valentine’s Menu
Here’s My Heart Salad
(artichoke hearts, romaine hearts, hearts of palm and heart-shaped red beets)
Heart-Shaped Wellingtons
(sauteed seitan and portobello cap cut in heart shape and layered between heart-shaped puff pastry and baked)
Roasted Heart-Shaped Potatoes and Red Bell Peppers
Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake topped with Chocolate Cherry Truffles
(I’ll shape the truffles like little hearts)

Let me know what you think of my menu or share one of your own.

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Oh Robin! That all sounds AMAZING. we were thinking of going out for dinner, perhaps we'll come to you house! ;)
We make food together all year, so we are one of those couples that succumbs to the consumerism of Valentines Day by going out to dinner. But we usually just make it a fun date night where we don't have to do dishes! And we can go to our favourite restaurant, drink too much wine, and walk home in the crisp winter air. I guess we all have our own special traditions, but judging by your dinner plans, I will be eagerly looking forward to your next Valentine's meal, too!
I like the idea of your tradition as well (especially the part about not having to do the dishes!) My tradition of cooking at home for Valentine's Day is mostly because we don't live near a vegan restaurant -- my husband always says our house is the best vegan restaurant around. I'm sure if there were a decent place to go be consumers, we'd do that one of these times. But this year, I'll be getting out my heart-shaped pans and cookie cutters once again!
Wow, can't wait to see the results! What a perfect theme <3
I hope the dinner turns out like I'm envisioning it. I promise to post photos -- even if the shapes don't look much like hearts!
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