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Vegan Planet: Eatin’ of the Green

Monday, March 17, 2008


Eatin’ of the Green

Even though I’m not Irish, I’ve always enjoyed making a fun meal of Irish-inspired dishes. Actually, it’s just an elaborate excuse to make soda bread — (yum!) which I plan to make later today — it’s best eaten soon after it’s made.

Yesterday, however, I felt like playing in the kitchen, so I decided to make “corned seitan and cabbage” using my basic slow-cooker seitan pot roast recipe (see earlier post) and then coating the seitan with a layer of coarse mustard and brown sugar topped with pickling spices. I also added some ground coriander, mustard, and allspice to the seitan mixture. It turned out great, as you can see in the photo — I love the way the whole spices look on top! There’s lots leftover for tonight to go with the soda bread. If you’re looking for a great soda bread recipe, check out my Global Vegan column on Irish food in the latest issue of VegNews Magazine, where there's also a good recipe for Colcannon.

On another subject — “vegan” is the “Word of the Day” today on The guest wordsmith is Matt Ball, co-founder and executive director
of Vegan Outreach. Here’s the link:

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I'm glad to see you started a blog! I have been using Vegan Planet for years and have reviewed it on my blog:

I have a batch of Moroccan-style lentil and chickpea soup from your slow cooker book in the slow cooker right now.

welcome to the blogosphere!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Troy and for the nice welcome. It's great to finally be blogging -- long overdue!

I just visited your blog to say hi (and of course read your review of Vegan Planet -- very nice, thank you!)

Enjoy your Lentil and Chickpea Soup...mmm...sounds like a great idea.
I just wanted to let you know that your recipe for jerk tempeh nuggets in Vegan Fire & Spice is one of the best recipes I've ever tried! My boyfriend loved it, too, and he's very picky. It has all the elements I look for in a recipe: it's delicious, easy to make (all I had to buy to make it was the tempeh!), very affordable, and healthy. I'm always looking for protein-based vegan recipes, and I've found a new favorite! Thanks, Robin! I can't wait to continue exploring the cookbook!
Glad to know you and your boyfriend enjoyed the Jerk-Spiced Tempeh Nuggets, Anonymous. Hope you continue to enjoy the book!
I made the corned seitan the other day and the recipe wasn't too clear what liquid should be in the bottom of the cooker.. Should the seitan sit on top of the veggies over the liquid if there is liquid or should it be submerged. Mine came out well just the seitan swelled like crazy almost into a loaf of bread ha!
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