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Vegan Planet: Here's.....Gary!

Thursday, March 13, 2008



I had planned to post something wonderful about vegan food today, but my cat, Gary, wouldn't hear of it. He's been a little testy with me lately and I finally figured out that he wants me to post his photo on my blog. It's not that he's especially egotistical, he just thinks it's his obligation to spread his adorableness around. I can't argue with his logic. So instead of a photo of my latest lasagna, here's....Gary! Cute, huh?

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Awww, he's adorable!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! My mom and I are both big fans of your recipes; I think she emails me every week saying, "oh, you should try this or that!" I make your Irish stew recipe almost every week :)
You're very welcome, Kumquat Peekapoo (may I call you Kumquat?) That Irish Stew is a favorite of mine too and St. Patrick's Day is soon upon us -- I'm partial to making that stew for St. P's Day but I may attempt "Corned Seitan and Cabbage" this year.
He is cute!
whatta babe!
Thanks Chris, Alisa, and Celine. I'll pass your compliments along to Gary!!
Your kitty is adorable!

I just wanted to say, your book, "Vegan Planet" was my first vegan cookbook. It helped me go vegan and never look back. Thank you! :D
Robin, when is Gary going to do a guest column on your blog? I'd like to know what is going on behind those cat eyes. I imagine it is profound.
What a lovely thing to say about Vegan Planet, H.S., thanks for making my day!!

And, Anonymous, well, your suggestion that Gary write a guest column certainly made HIS day! Now he won't shut up about it!
He is quite a cute kitty!!
Hi Gary! Nice to meet you. My boys Jabber and Mickey say hi!
Karen, Gary has asked me to convey a big "hi back at ya" to Jabber and Mickey. (Jabber is a great name for a cat - Gary walks around "jabbering" to himself all day -- sounds like Jabber must do that too!)
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