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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Birthday Cats

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d take a break from food writing and just do a little “fluff piece” with photos of my amazing felines. That’s Gary and Mitzi on the stairs, with Gary looking a little miffed and suspicious at having his photo taken.

The second photo shows them having their morning tete-a-tete at the back door with Jason, obviously planning some sort of birthday surprise for me. Jason is the outdoor kitty who “came with the house.” The former owner of the house, who called him “Kitty Brother," told us that Jason has been a fixture on the property for about seven years, but he won’t let anyone near him or reveal his age. As much as I’d like him to be an indoor kitty, I don’t think he will ever cross that threshold. He does let me feed him every day, and I can now pet him, if I don’t make sudden movements. Jon built him a great little house on our deck where he enjoys napping.

I hope you enjoy these pics of my kids.


Happy birthday! Your cats are adorable!
happy birthday! At least your outdoor cat matches the indoor cats colour-wise :)
Happy b-day! Cute cats by the way :)
Happy Birthday Robin,

Just wanted to say that I have most of your cookbooks---you've never failed me yet--I've loved everything I've made! Just received Fire and Spice and made the lemongrass tempeh--yum!! Have a great day
Happy Birthday Robin! Love the pics of your cats. Amazing how they all look alike!
Happy birthday!!

Thank you all for the very nice birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much!
Happy Birthday Robin! I think Gary and Mitzi are selling your culinary secrets to Jason
And Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday! And your cats are very cute. ;-)
Happy belated birthday Robin!! I love that you give your cats people names. I've always done that. I have a dog named Simon. He is a member of the family, so why not name him like one.
Carrie, I totally agree about giving "people names" to our furry family members. Simon is a great name -- I actually almost named Gary "Simon"!
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