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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Spirulina Thief

This picture of my cat Gary hangs on a prominent wall in my house. Whenever I look at it, it makes me smile. I’ve been trying to come up with a reason to do a blog entry to accompany the photo (other than “isn’t my cat adorable?”). Then Gary himself provided one.

My husband and I occasionally take spirulina (blue-green algae) tablets as a supplement. Before I explain what happened, I have to emphasize that Gary doesn’t care about food much. To him, eating his dinner is secondary to cuddling. He is also indifferent to cat treats. But when he caught a whiff of the spirulina the other day, he got wide-eyed, reached up to the table where I’d placed the spirulina tablet (Gary has a long reach), and swiped it onto the floor. Before I could take it away from him, he munched it down like it was the best treat he ever had.

I quickly checked online to make sure spirulina is okay for cats, and everything I’ve found indicates that it is. We then offered a half a spirulina tablet to our other cat, Mitzi, so she wouldn’t feel left out. In a split second, she wolfed it down, too, frantically looking around for more. I don’t plan to make a habit of giving it to them until I find out more. Does anybody else out there have a cat who likes spirulina?

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My cat (Couscous) LOVES seaweed. He goes nuts for it.
Hi Robin,

I just got your vegan planet cookbook a couple of weeks ago and I love it :) I have made the Mac and cheese (page 270)(without nutritional yeast) and the tofu vindaloo (page 312). I loved them both. I was skeptical with how liquid the mac and cheese was when I put it in the oven but it came out beautifull! For the tofu vindaloo I had no red peppers in hand so I added corn instead for color and it turned out really excellent. I plan on making both dishes on a regular basis. Thank you for your really nice book.

We had a package of sushi nori sheets left open in one of the kitchen shelves, and one day, I saw my cat Adzuki make it fall on the floor. I just placed the package back on the shelf, but when he made it fall again just a few minutes later, I observed him. He was eating the seaweed! He really loves it and whenever we eat dry seaweed he follows us to have some!
Yep, spirulina is OK for cats, as long as it's been well tested for toxins. Actually there has been at least one study that says it's amazing for their immune systems. Also it's known to be good for their skin & coats, and to be a good appetite stimulant when sprinkled on food - so it stands to reason that they'd go after spirulina tablets like we do chocolate.
I researched spirulina for cats some time ago, and the only caveat was that it is very alkaline, and cats, unlike humans (cats being true carnivores) like a more acidic system. So it's ok, but in moderation!
PS I love your blog and recipes!
Magpie: I LOVE your cat's name -- too cute!

Maria: I appreciate your kind words about Vegan Planet. I'm glad you're enjoying the recipes.

Babette: these cats are just too smart, aren't they? They seem to know what's good for them --(sometimes!)

Maya and Rebecca: Thanks for all the great info on cats and spirulina. Gary and Mitzi will be thrilled to know they can continue to have some (in moderation!)
Gary is too funny! Now you have a healthy treat he goes nuts for.
All of my cats are very food motivated, but my one little girl Kalyra, is more picky than the other two. She *loves* seaweed. The others will eat it, but Kalyra begs for (loudly!) whenever I'm working with it.
I feed my cats a raw diet and the supplement powder I make for them includes kelp powder (from the book Natural Health for Dogs and Cats) so I feel comfortable giving them treats of seaweed. It is certainly much healthier than many cat treats available.
I have a cat, Dobson, who is so desperately addicted to nutritional yeast that ne now attacks any bags with similarly colored foods -- couscous, pasta, flour.

He has, in the past, managed to wreak havoc on bags of nootch (and my apartment) tearing holes in the bag, licking it, rolling around in it, dragging the bag around the house to make a trail and jumping and dancing in piles of nootch.

He is a nutty cat.
My sweet & cut(pupy) cat is very obedient,he always guard & care our house, when we absent.We like very much & love him.
hi ---

gary is adorable -- of course, cuz he's a kitty ---

any time you have questions on kitty or dog nutrition, contact harbingers of a new age -- --

i have no affiliation with them other than my precious vegan kitty Gina was on their powder for many years & was super healthy & slim --

caminante in colorado
I have a 5 year old female cat, we moved house before Xmas and she has been a house cat, more her choice than ours. She has been fantastic with her litter tray, in both houses,using it to wee and poo, and she still does, BUT she has also started weeing to the side of it and I dont know why shes doing it.
I just happened upon your blog. As I was researching and wondering if spirulina is good for cats. Spirulina has strong cleansing properties. I will be adding it to Stanley's diet.

I'm also impressed with your recipies. Easy and delish.

Keep it up!
Hi there,
Our 10 years old cat Zouli is 100% a raw vegan cat and eats spirulina soup (spirulina powder with water) first thing in the morning and she loves it.
She is also mad about Irish moss(a see weed)and asparagus,peas,olives, broccoli with tamari sauce,avocados occasionally,and our dehydrated raw vegan burgers with sunflower seeds tomaoes and onions.
Happy new year to everyone!
Hello, what a wonderful post and a wonderful cat.
This inspires me to try to make my baby Muezza the cat, go veg. I am going to buy spirulina for him.
Thank you so much.
I just Googled this because my cat just stole my spirulina tablets!! That thief... I am glad to hear she is not the only crazy cat and that it's not bad for her... sheeesshhh
my cat actually unzipped a pencil case to get them, when i caught him his front paws and chin were all green!
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