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Vegan Planet: Brownies, Take Two…and a Book Giveaway

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Brownies, Take Two…and a Book Giveaway

After the swift disappearance of the first pan of brownies from my last post, my brownie-addicted husband was looking for more, so I made another batch, this time with just a whisper of walnuts as the only addition. As you can see in the photo, these are very cakey brownies—the only kind Jon likes (see previous post).

It got me to wondering if everyone else is as strict in their brownie specifications as he is, so I’m conducting a totally non-scientific poll: What kind of brownies do you prefer? Cakey? Fudgey? With nuts? Without nuts?

As an incentive to participate in this poll, I will randomly choose one of the commenters to send a copy of my book, Vegan Fire & Spice (or another title, if you already have it). So, let’s make some brownie points! Describe your favorite kind of brownies.

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mmm....those look delicious. I definitely like mine with a gooey fudgey inside and a thin crust on top that keeps everything inside...but no nuts.

I like fudgey brownies the best, and I have to get the corner piece. That crispy, crunchy border is the best!!
I'm generally not picky when it comes to brownies, I just like mine as chocolate-y as possible! I am also a big fan of icing on top, none of that "just sprinkle with powdered sugar" nonsense...and maybe a little smear of peanut butter on there somewhere too!
I like chocolatey fudgie brownies the best, from the middle so that they're extra goo-y and delicious!
I like my brownies between the two, a little cakey and a little fudgey. If I'm going to eat cake then I'll make chocolate cake, if I want fudge I'll make fudge, brownies to me are a combination of the two, crispy top, slightly soggy centre, like my Mother used to make them!

By the way I hope you won't mind that I've started a Flickr group for photos of food made from your books (I'm a big fan!). The group is called Vegan Planet and there are a few members so far and some great meals posted. Thanks for the great recipes!
I agree with Anna that brownies should have a distinct texture that is neither cake nor fudge. And I like a crisp top to break through. Or maybe a peanut butter swirl. Or some fruit like the Veganomicon blueberry brownies. Oh yum.
I've always liked cakey brownies. The fudgy ones always seemed too gooey to me.
While I don't have strict specifications (if it is chocolate and a brownie, I will most likely eat it) my ideal brownie would have to be fudgey with a modest amount of walnuts (or maybe pecans). =)
Fudgy - definitely. With almonds or pecans, not walnuts.
Fudgey - no nuts

...although I would never, ever turn down any type of brownie!
Made the nutty brownies yesterday - divine!! Thank you! I'd LOVE a copy of your book (so I can make another neighbor a convert ;-).
It has to be fudgey! The fudgier, the better, I say. And nuts are optional, but a hint of walnut is always appreciated.

This is an AWESOME giveaway!
my brownies? make em vegan and husband? fudgy but not too dense, must be moist, no frosting.
Ooooh! I have to agree with most of the people here and say the fudgy brownies are the best!
I prefer fudgy brownies with that slight crust on top and definitely an edge piece that has the slightly crispiness to it. I don't care for nuts in my brownies; just pure, fudgy goodness!
I'm not fussy... I'll take cake or fudgey brownies.... as long as they are chocolatey! :)
And I KNOW I should have walnuts in mine.... but I prefer coconut!
fudgey with walnuts, and a very light dusting of powdered sugar on top. yum, i wish i had one right now!
I like fudgey over cakey. After that anything goes. I love classic plain or nuts or a ribbon of mint or peanut butter, some chocolate or butterscotch chips, go wild!
I like both cakey and fudgey but it's important to have a crisp top and eat the first one warm out of the oven with vanilla soy icecream
I prefer cakey over fudgey, but won't touch a brownie with nuts. In fact, no accoutrements of any kind, thank you.
cakey, and nuts are ok, as long as they whisper.

can't wait to try these.
I prefer fudgy brownies with no nuts :)
I love fudgey and gooey brownies. Nuts are fine if I'm in the mood.
It really does not matter -- cakey or fudgey, with nuts or without-- they are simply divine either way with a cold glass of soy milk or a fresh brewed cup of coffee or grande soy decalf latte from Starbucks :)
It's all brownie love!!!
I like fudgy brownies with chocolate chips added. Cakey brownies are too much like cake!
Yum! Haven't had a brownie in a LONG time. Will need to remedy that with this recipe. My favorite brownie is more nostalgic, than anything. Regular 'ol Duncan Hines brownies made by my mom ... chewy, chocolatey, with a crispy top. And she made 1/2 with walnuts, 1/2 without, so you could decide what mood you were in!
Fudgey!! With or without nuts - I don't have a preference. I like them crispy on the outside.
I prefer fudgey brownies with no nuts, though I certainly won't turn it down if it's got a walnut or two in it. :)
It has to be fudge!! I made fudgy chocolate chip cookie dough brownies to sell at my partner's art booth at an art fair last summer and I swear, I converted some omnis!
fudgey brownies, no nuts! it's the best. I can handle nuts, but chocolate icing has no place on a brownie, and i'll stand by that.
Cakey all the way. A nice crust is awesome...and definitely no nuts.

Yum! Now I feel like brownies!
Mmmm... brownies. Yours look totally delicious! I love all brownies, but my favourite ones are very rich and quite fudgey, with lots of nuts!! I especially love them the second day, when the top becomes all sticky!
Fudgy - no nuts - but with extra chocolate chips sprinkled on top.
I prefer fudgey brownies, but am quite happy to eat any (vegan) kind that might be presented to me! Totally bipartisan in my chocolate worship! (I have all of your cookbooks, so don't enter me in the drawing!)
Brownies are my favorite. My husband and I almost fight over brownies. My favorite are the cake ones but they have some fudgyness to them. Walnuts are also great !!! I love you blog, keep up the good work!!
More cakey than fudgy so it has the crisp outside. Nuts are fine. No nuts is fine. Espresso or raspberry flavoring is my thing because my pet peeve with brownies is sugar/richness overload. I hate a brownie I can't eat all of... Thanks for the contest!
I prefer brownies that lean to the fudgey side, although not too far. Nuts are great. My best friend recently made delicious brownies topped with pecans glazed with hot-sauce and peach preserves. Unconventional, but delicious!
I prefer fudgey brownies, very very chocolaty, and with nuts on top!
Brownies are the only sugary treat I really enjoy and can't resist, but should be halfway between cakey and fudgey, absolutely eggless, not too sweet, whole wheat without the grit, icing is an abomination on a decent brownie, and black walnuts are a must!
I only make fudge for Christmas, so the rest of the year I prefer fudge-y brownies. I love them with walnuts, but I am in no way picky. Just right out of the oven and still gooey is the way I like them.
I'm in search of a vegan brownie recipe that mimics the brownies cockaigne recipe from Joy of Cooking. That crust on the top, not too fudgy, not too cakey, and always with nuts!
Fudgey brownies are the only way to go--otherwise you should eat chocolate cake. The chewy border is terrific. But why not have brownie pudding?
These look great and I think I'll have to try making them, but I'm normally a fudgey brownie fan. I used to refuse to eat brownies with nuts so my mom would make half with and half without, but now I am a nut lover and have 3 nut loving kids so nuts it is! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
I love peanut butter chips in brownies. However, I've yet to find any vegan ones, which is so sad. I'm not a huge fan of nuts, though.
Moist on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside, with dark vegan chocolate chips (your recipe was perfect, I added walnuts as well, and everyone said they're the best brownies they've ever had, vegan or non-vegan).
They are lovely-- I like that you used coconut milk in them. I like brownies that have a crust on the outside and are deep dark chocolate and moist/fudgy on the inside. The crust is really important as a contrast to the fudgy inside.
Fudgey, but definitely without nuts. Although I love nuts in other desserts!
Gotta be fudgy with nuts and maybe chocolate chips too. I like the pan edges the best too!
fudgy, no nuts, with an extra hint of vanilla...though I must say, I prefer blondies! Or layer blondie-brownies? Mmmm.

Fudgey. I love them super fudgey with and sometimes with chunks of chocolate and sometimes a hint of chili powder or cayenne.

I love brownies!
I love the last comment - add some kick to the brownie - great idea!

For me - definitely fudgy - and best fresh from the oven warm and gooey.
Cakey without nuts. And I lovvvve when the top gets just a little bit crusty and flakes when you bite into it. Mmmm...

But nearly any brownie is a good brownie in my book... except for minty brownies.
One more vote for fudgy, with a distinct crust. My husband gets the middles and I get the edges. Marital Bliss.
Oooh, definitely with nuts, any kind, and the edges. I want to get one of those "edge" brownie pans I've seen here and there so every brownie in the batch has an edge or two; I love the variation in texture between the moist inner bits and the firmer edge bits. :)
Any brownies with chocolate chips added to the recipe are my favorites!
wow. i have been searching for the perfect vegan brownie recipe, which i have yet to come across. care to share yours?

my favorite type of brownie is chewy and fudgy. i love nuts or a hint of unusual flavor, like cayenne pepper, etc. so good!
My family likes their brownies solid and with almond slivers or chunks on top. Oh, and warm is preferred. They never last even 24 hours.
My family likes to make "Female brownies." Chewy, thick, delicious cake-like brownies, absolutely no nuts. I love nuts, but not in my brownies! Love your site, I just ordered one of your cookbooks and am looking forward to exploring more! Thanks for the blog and the nice tips.
One of each, please -- one cakey and one fudgey, no nuts-no way!
The very best? Fudgy, moist with crunchy crust, and a hint of mint, nuts optional. Warm is even better.
I'm definitely a fudgey brownie lover. With extra chocolate in them and no nuts at all. I also like them one extreme or the other. Hot from the oven or frozen so they're extra fudgey (but cold!)
I made this recipe over the weekend and it was delicious - already added the walnuts and some vegan choc chips! We do prefer fudgey to cakey, so I was trying to figure out what I'd need to change. SOmething to make it more goooey.
I made this recipe over the weekend and it was delicious - already added the walnuts and some vegan choc chips! We do prefer fudgey to cakey, so I was trying to figure out what I'd need to change. SOmething to make it more goooey.
I've gotta go with super fudgey with walnuts to offset the extremeness of the chocolate. I'm also a big fan of the chocolate chips in the brownies as well!
I like fudgey brownies. The cakey kind are like...cake, and that's not a brownie! Moist, don't fall apart, chocolate chips, a small handful of nuts. And super chocolatey.

My all time favs are white chocolate brownies, and the less cake like, the better.
Of course, have yet to find a vegan version of these, so it's been years...
Fudgy - with nuts!
I'll take my chocolate fix anyway I can get it (cakey OR fudgey, who cares?). My wife, however, is a staunch advocate of fudgey, no-nuts brownies :)
agree with the somewhere between cakey and fudgy preference. I like nuts & I like no nuts, I also like weird variations. I'm really not all that picky when it comes to brownie fillings.
i like brownies with no nuts that are warm and fudgey and gooey on the inside and crisp on top... though i havent been able to find a vegan recipe that does that, yet. The cakey ones that i get instead just dont cut it for me. I also like to add peppermint extract or smother them in peanut butter.
fudgey, never nuts = awesome brownies. I deliberately undercook my brownies to make sure that get no where near cake-like. Of course I often end up with batter like brownies toward the middle of the pan.
Very delicious looking brownies !! have to try these out ! I like any kind of brownies, the more nuts the better !!!
My TG likes his more cakey and with as much chocolate as possible, meaning fewer nuts and add lots of chocolate chips. The kids like anything that is called dessert. I think a dense cake-like brownie is my favorite. Your brownies look very tasty indeed!
I prefer fudgy brownies, with lots of nuts. And I too, like your husband, like coconut a lot so I usually add some toasted coconut flakes to my brownies.
I love taking the brownies out a little early when they are still gooey. I love nuts in them, I also like to put chocolate chunks in there too.
I like them slightly cakey but still goo-goo. I always take them out early when the edges are done but the center is still set but not quite set. The center finishes cooking while it cools down. I love them super chocolate-y and with walnuts. Walnuts not pecans. Need to find a recipe that will allow me to try them with coconut in them. I think I need to make a batch of brownies as soon as I run to the store now.
Cakey....especially if I can score one of the corner pieces! Crunchy on top is great. I'm a peanut butter fanatic, so cakey or fudgey either way is great if there is peanut butter!
Never met a brownie I didn't like. However, fudgy, not too gooey in the middle, crusty on top with some walnuts is one of my favorite things.
fudgy with crispy edges and a thin crust on top! No nuts....
I was a cake, no nuts guy. Now I'd have to be a "blondie" as I gave up chocolate in '96.
I like fudgey brownies that are moist and slightly cakey- not chewy or dry- ooo, how about some hot fudge, stawberries/bananas, walnuts and soyatoo! :-)
I like them in between cakey and fudgey. No nuts.
I like my brownies with mix-ins like chocolate chips, nuts or candies. My absolute favorite are my best friends "zebra" brownies, which have stripes of peanut butter on top.

I'm not picky about texture though. I'll eat cakey brownies, fudgy brownies and anything in between.
Super fudgy and chocolatey, with a little bit of a crust on the top. I usually make mine without nuts, but once in a while I add some toasted walnuts.
I love fudgey brownies that are almost undercooked, so they're still gooey inside. I can take or leave the nuts, but chocolate chips are always nice.
I think the fudgy ones are the best, no frosting, lots of nuts!
well gee..choose my favorite brownies?! i like alll brownies. i like mine more on the fudgey side vs the cake side..but if it is on the cakeside, nuts are a must! walnuts, pecans, whatever! and of course, i love the corner pieces, when its all crisp on the edges, then when you get to the middle its soft and gooey and/or nutty. sometimes i like my brownies with some caramel swirl inside, but other days i am just looking for a simple "now thats a brownie" type of brownie. <3
I like - and I make - my brownies fudgy and not so sweet, with remarcable bitterness of bitter dark chocolate and a hint of nutmeg.
I prefer fudgy brownies, with any "extras" -- nuts, coconut, peanut butter, whatever -- inside, rather than on top. I looooove a good frosting, but on cake, not brownies.

One exception to this: I do like a warm brownie topped with vanilla coconut milk ice "cream" and hot fudge sauce. :-)
My favorite brownie is a chocolate, chocolate chip & walnut. With a crunchy crust and chewy on the inside.
I LOVE fudgey browneys, there's nothing quite like them. I got a box mix once of these mint chocolate brownies, they were fudgy, smelled amazing, and were like eating a peppermint patty in brownies form. AMAZING. The mix was organic and vegan too...too bad I've never been able to find it again.
I like my brownies fudgy, but I also love it when they get chewy around the pan perimeter. I have yet to find a recipe that combines both of these traits, though.
My favorites are the cakey kind with a chocolate fudge icing. I hate the corner pieces... too crispy for my taste!
Brownies must have walnuts! I like them to have a nice balance between cakey and fudgey... but if it's a vegan brownie, I'll definitely eat it!
Fudgey and dense brownies all the way! And no nuts! Of course, I wouldn't turn down a cakey brownie either... :o)

Fudgey brownies with coconut inside and on the top! They're the only way to go. But I'm up for walnuts too, I'm just currently addicted to the coconut! I love middle pieces (had to say this, saw a post about corner pieces, ew!). Soft, chewy, sometimes still warm. I wish I were home so I could make some.
Fudgey and with nuts.
With a litle sunken crust on top....oh, wow, its been a while. I should make a batch to celebrate Friday (why not?)
I ♥ fudgey brownies, nuts need not apply!
I like them chocolately and fudgy and with nuts :) And there should be tons in front of me! ;)
Fudgey with Walnuts!
My gran always made the best brownies ever. Since going vegan I will have to find a way to re-create them, but they were the perfect about of flaky, crunchy, and fudgy. No nuts for me, but every so often they are delicious to have an added frosting layer on top, vanilla is my favorite with them.
I think dense, fudgy brownies are best. Especially when they are extremely chocolate-y, and have a thick slathering of rich frosting on them. Yum!
Oh gosh, they HAVE to be fudgy. Right now, my favorites are Vcon's Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies and the Fudgy Brownies from Vive le Vegan! Yours look delicious for cakey brownies though!
they look fantastic - I love chocolate fudgey brownies - with walnuts... mmm - I might go and make me some brownies
I love cakey brownies the best - they're more filling than the fudgey kind so I eat less but still feel like I got my brownie fix! No nuts - no icing - just the plain simplicity of the brownie itself will do nicely =)
i like to make a marble swirl with the fudge-y crust - my current vote is for peanut butter and chocolate swirls, with small chunks of peanut butter in them. i also have made brownie chunk brownies, which although time-consuming, is TOTALLY worth it for the expression on the face of people who eat them and are amazed: basically, you make a small batch of brownies, cut them up into chunks, and put those chunks in the NEW batch of brownies.
Fudgey with or without nuts :)

Fudgey brownies, corner pieces, even better with a thick fudgey frosting and maybe just a few nuts! (hey, maybe I should just be making/eating fudge...)
I prefer my brownies soft and cakey, and I can't wait to try out your recipe! However, my husband is the true brownie-lover in our family. They are hands down his favorite dessert. He likes them very fudgy and as dark chocolatey as can be, and chilled in the refrigerator. When I make a pan of brownies, he immediately wraps one up and sticks it in the freezer to cool as fast as possible!
I like them somewhere in between cakey and fudgy, with lots and lots of nuts.
the best brownies are fudgey with a thick ganache icing - walnuts are good as well. no reason to have cake like brownies, why not just have cake instead?!
Your brownies look yummy! I like brownies to be a perfect hybrid of cake & fudge. Not too greasy, and no nuts for me, and please don't frost them either. But I certainly don't mind a few vegan chocolate chips sprinkled in, and I like the ones along the edge for the crispyness.

Congrats on your latest book!!
I absolutely love ultra-fudgey brownies...but not to the point of gooey. I don't like them crunchy or hard at all...all over softness. I also do not like them with nuts, pure chocolate experience please! I don't like cakey brownies....I think of it this way: if I wanted cake, I would make one instead!
I forgot to mention I also add maybe a tablespoon of Kahlua to the mix.
I love every kind of brownies! But if I had to choose I would say fudge brownies are better. And they can have just about anything in them and I'll eat it, but I always prefer an edge piece... the crunchiness makes them even better!
i personally love a 50-50 when it comes to fudgy and cakey brownies. i find if they're too fudgy, they seem to melt/separate before i get a chance to eat them, and if too cakey they dry out too fast. however, i do love a mix of the two, especially with vegan chocolate chips (my fave brand "enjoy life"-i can eat a whole bag of those puppies in just a few days). no frosting, frosting is a cover for mediocre brownies-which i know you would never make!
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