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Vegan Planet: Chili in Squash Bowls and a Cookbook Giveaway

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Chili in Squash Bowls and a Cookbook Giveaway

I love the flavor combination of spicy hot chili and sweet winter squash. Usually I’ll roast some peeled and diced butternut squash and add it to my chili. Only this time I had a buttercup squash in the house, which doesn’t lend itself well to being peeled, so instead of putting the squash in the chili, I served the chili in the roasted squash halves.

I think of buttercup squash as a “poor man’s” kabocha squash — similar in appearance on the outside, although the kabocha is darker orange on the inside with a richer flavor. Still, the buttercup is a nice squash and, as it happens, it makes a great bowl for chili, too. With each bite of chili, you can get a little taste of the edible “bowl” on your fork or spoon.

Which brings me to a question: How do you like your chili? Do you eat it with a fork or a spoon? In a bowl or on a plate? Do you like it saucy or not? Alone or with crackers, bread, or tortilla chips? On a bed of noodles or rice? Straight up or garnished with goodies such as avocado, onion, vegan sour cream, or something else?

Cookbook Giveaway: Just post a comment about your favorite way to eat chili for a chance to win a copy of Vegan Fire and Spice. A winner will be chosen at random in the next two weeks.

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We often eat chili. We like it straight up, with corn bread crumbled into it, with macaroni, over rice and over baked sweet potatoes. If anything is left over, I add some rice or oats an make it into bean burgers.
My favorite way to eat chili is in a petro -- corn chips, chili, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, salsa -- yum!
Love the squash bowl idea! I love my chili every which way.
I don't think you can beat chili in bread bowls!
I like my chili very hot &spicy in a big bowl full of red beans and sauce, eaten with crispy toast, cause I dont like nachos. I eat it with spoon and make a lot of mess so its not really a good dish to eat if on the couch while watching movies.
In a bowl with cornbread broken up in it and hot sauce!
This looks delicious! Personally, I like my chili straight up! No messing around! Just in a bowl (maybe even a squash bowl!) with a spoon. Yum!
My favorite was to eat chili is with a side of cornbread. The chili is otherwise straight up, no rice or pasta.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE chili in a sourdough bread bowl!

But, other than that, I'll really take chili any which's one of my most favorite foods.
I like my chili to be really spicy! I like to dip tortilla chips in it, or eat it plain.
I like my chili thick and spicy, with steaming basmati rice on the side and a dollop of vegan sour cream on top. Eaten with a spoon.

It's one of my favourite foods!
I like mine with nacho chips, guacamole, sour cream. 4 little bowls adn then little bit from each on each nacho chip. Takes a while but tastes good!
Gotta be in a bowl, topped with fritos and mustard - good old Frito Chili Pie!
I fix my chili in the crockpot using the basic recipe my dad always used. We eat it straight but I do like crackers with it!
We haven't had chili lately. When we do, I like it in a bowl with some bread. Extra spicy of course!
We like our chili hot and spicy in a bowl with avocado on top and rice underneath.
I'm a fan of chili over a baked potato personally. :)
Anything in a food bowl is the best! :)

I love my chili smothered in cheddar Daiya and served with tortilla chips!
Love chili!!! really hearty, packed with veggies. red bell peppers are a must.
Straight up in a bowl. a side of fresh cornbread.
It always starts off really thick and then I end up adding more water to make it last longer as leftovers...
I like it served over cornbread with chopped onion on top.
I like my chili a variety of ways. My favorite right now is a cranberry chili with a little tequila in it for flavor. It's great straight or over rice or a fluffy baked tater!
I love my chili straight up! I load it up with peppers and mushrooms.
The first day we love it straight up. The next couple of days I put mine over a baked potato &/or mix it with some cooked macaroni.
I like my chili just in a bowl with a big spoon..or over rice..or with corn chips...or in a burrito...with extra fixins' or without, I love chili!
I enjoy chili after a day of skiing. It warms you and fills you up as Chili is supposed to, very satisfying Love it with vegan sour cream and tortilla chips
Hot, spicy and in a bowl with a spoon as mine is so thick, it's really like stew.
I love my chili full of flavor with a moderate amount of spice. It's great with different varieties of beans (black, kidney and pinto) and some sweet potatoes added.
Basically straight up after simmering in the crock pot all day. Lots of beans, some corn and green pepper, with fresh chopped cilantro sprinkled in after cooking. Sometimes a few tortilla chips find their way in...
I love chili! Thanks for reminding me I should make some...perfect for these cold & rainy days. I love eating mine plain...but, sometimes I eat it over some brown rice. Some shredded Daiya cheddar would be nice too, if I had any :)
With tortilla chips...yum!
I'm on again/off again with chili. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I have a favorite chili memory, though. My husband made a pot of chili one rainy, dreary night before we had kids. "Key Largo" came on TV so we watched the movie and ate our meal as we snuggled on our couch. We always eat our chili over rice and we had a loaf of french bread to go with it. There was something about it that was just perfect. It's a favorite comfort food for me, when I don't hate it, that is!
I like my chili with tortilla chips and plenty of Tofutti Sour Cream.
With plenty of Frank's Red Hot.
I like to eat my chili with dark clothes and a big napkin -haha!
I love chili with a slice of homemade cornbread and chopped avocado as a garnish. I eat it with a spoon, and then use the bread to scoop up the last few bites. Yum!
What I really like is to eat it with corn chips, like Fritos, using them as delicious little edible spoons. But obviously, that's so high in fat, I don't really do that anymore. Otherwise, just hot and spicy in a bowl with a spoon! I like the idea of the squash bowl.
We like to eat chili over a baked sweet potato. The sweet and spicy is great. Never thought of putting over squash, but Im going to try that. Love all your recipes...
Chili is one of our favorite meals, you just throw the ingredients into a slow cooker and come back after work to finished chili! We're spoon folks - it's usually more like a stew - and we always have it with veggie cheese melted over the top and corn bread for dipping or crumbling. YUM! I might have to make some chili this weekend...
I love chili topped with avocado slices. Dee (sheepish56(at)aol(dot)com
I must have cornbread with my chili!
My favorite way to eat chili is on baked potatoes, smothered in vegan "cheese" and coconut sour cream. Yummy!
My favorite way is in a bowl with a side of cornbread. Sometimes I like to use it as a pasta sauce, sort of Cincinnati style.
In a bowl with a spoon! I add a little masa to thicken it. My husband likes to add corn bread, but son and I don't. I like plenty of sauce, and I usually add the toppings on the side, because we have differnt tastes.
My favorite way is over crispy, broiled polenta.
I love to ditch the spoon and eat my chili with blue corn tortilla chips. Once I'm down about half way I crumble some chips into it and pick up the spoon for a crunchy finish.
I like mine with either crushed tortilla chips or cornbread crumbled on top!
I love chili with squash in it. I made it for many dinners wiht my family and always hear the questioning tone of anyone who has not had squash in chili beofre. They always end up loving it. I usually use butternut squash but I used an acorn squash as our bowls and it worked out great! Thanks for the idea!
Ilike mine a more mild so folks can add their own degree of heat with peppers or hot sauce. Cornbread and celery on the side is a must!
The other night we made the roasted root veggie chili from Vegan Planet. I haven't tried it but my wife tells me that wrapping it up in a tortilla is delicious.
I like chili in a mug with diced red onion and corn muffins. Yum!
Oh! I like this recipe! I often eat chili but if I do, I eat a lot.
Chili over brown rice with hot sauce and occasionally tofutti sour cream. YUM!
Chili is amazing! I like it plain or with bread to sop up all of that leftover juice. I like mine spicy, and even my family (who are omnivores) like the 4-alarm chili from 1,000 Vegan Recipes better than any chili they've ever had. Thanks!
Ultra spicy with plenty of cornbread!
I like to use spicy chili for taco salads topped with chunks of avocado and fresh salsa.
on top of half a baked potato with hot sauce, or over rice or plain if I dont have potatoes around. looove chili
I love eating vegan chili over pasta with a homemade 3-way sauce - just like Steak & Shake!
Topped with avocado, jalapeno and green onions!
lots of avocato in a sour dough bread bowl
Definitely I like my chili in a bowl, hot and spicy (backyard bbq chili from Vegan Planet is my favorite) with a dollop of tofu sour cream and warm homemade cornbread on the side. Mmmm.....
chili with nice hearty whole wheat bread. comforting and perfect to warm me up on a chilly day :)
i like it spicy served with cornbread or corn chips, red onion, and tofutti sour cream. Yummm, im hungry for it now and must get to my kitchen and whip some up right NOW!
I love chili just about any way you can eat it! With cornbread or tortilla chips, with rice or noodles, but always with vegan sour cream and soy cheese!
Chili on an oven-baked potato is my ideal. After splitting open the potato, you need to mash it up a little. Top with chili and a vegan cheese (like Daiya), and you've got a great meal.
Chili with mushrooms, tomatoes, a couple of types of beans, served over corn bread and next day over a baked potato.

This one with the squash looks amazing. I can't wait to try it.
Spicy chili full of delicious veggies (chick peas, carrots, zucchini, squash, black beans, and kidney beans) over brown rice.

Frito pie! My husband is from the East Coast and never had frito pie until he moved to Texas and met me. Corn chips covered in chili topped with a cheezy sauce or grated cheeze melted. So good.
I love eating chili with corn chips. The chili in squash looks so good though.
Saucy, Spoon, Spicy.
I like to eat my chilli in a variety of ways. Two favorites are over lettuce with numerous toppings like a taco salad (fork) or in a bowl using a tortilla spoon. ;)
I like to add some sauteed apples and cinnamon to my chili the next day and eat it for breakfast.

And thanks for the squash bowl idea, can't wait to try it.
My favorite way to eat chili is in baked taco shells the next day, after the chili has thickened overnight! Mmmmm, chili...
I love chili! All different kinds, but usually quite spicy, in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. All sorts of toppings and add-ins are great. Not necessarily all at once, but avocados, onions, crushed tortilla chips, vegan cheese, various "creams", scallions, radishes, rice or noodles, and cornbread all make appearances around here occasionally. Chili is also great as a part of another recipe like on top of burgers, or over grilled veggies.
I just came across your blog! I decided to try this chili--I am the type that loves chili with crackers or cornbread. But I thought it was such an interesting idea to use the roasted halves as your bowl! I really fell in love with this chili. I was a skeptic at first. I was not sure about the mixture of flavors, but they both complimented each other nicely.
Thank you for the recipe and I look forward to cooking more of your stuff!
Chili is wonderful any way you serve it, but my new favorite way is over salad greens. I add tofu sour cream, chunks of avocado and cilantro pesto (from Vegan Planet).
Yum! I tried to stuff an avocado last night with some southwestern mix... didnt turn out too well cause the avocado was too small for me. This squash though, looks incredible to stuff!
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