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Vegan Planet: Vegan on the Cheap has Arrived!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Vegan on the Cheap has Arrived!

My new cookbook, Vegan on the Cheap, is hot off the presses. I just paged through my first copy today and I’m very excited that it's now a reality.

I especially enjoyed writing this book because I felt it was important to show that eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive. I come from a family of frugal cooks, so I guess it’s part of my DNA to find ways to be thrifty with the food budget. In Vegan on the Cheap, I share all the different ways I save money, while still cooking great vegan meals.

In addition to loads of money-saving tips, Vegan on the Cheap is filled with economical recipes including basics such as a Baked Seitan Loaf and Cutlets on the Cheap, as well as recipes for vegan sausage and pepperoni. There are lots of grain and pasta recipes, skillet dishes, sandwiches, and casseroles that taste anything but frugal, yet each recipe can be made for less than $2 per serving (some less than 50 cents per serving). Salads include a yummy Garden Rotini and White Bean Salad with Inner Goddess Dressing (the dressing tastes as good as that expensive store brand) and Orange-Chipotle Dressed Salad with Black Bean Salsa.

There's a chapter of slow-cooker recipes that include Tempeh Pot au Feu, Slow-Cooker Seitan Pot Roast, and one of my favorites: Smoky Red Bean Chili with Chipotle-Cornbread Dumplings. The dessert chapter is filled with delicious yet budget-conscious treats such as Italian Polenta Cake and Chocolate Blueberry Crumble.

I’ll soon be posting some sample recipes from Vegan on the Cheap. In the meantime, it’s already available and in stock on Amazon and (where they are currently offering it at an additional 5% off the already discounted price, if you buy it along with 1,000 Vegan Recipes). The book can also be ordered on Barnes and and or wherever books are sold.

If you like cooking great vegan food and want to save money on your food bill, then I think you’ll like Vegan on the Cheap.


Congratulations! Sounds like a great book.
I love your books and as always have my copy on pre-order (I'm in England so it's not out until May over here). There is a campaign over here with some supermarkets to try and make a family meal for £5 ($8) which I personally consider to be expensive. My rule of thumb is to try and feed me and my 2 boys for £1 ($1.60) each or less, and I can usually do it, even using organic ingredients.

Looking forward to seeing the new recipes!
This sounds like something I would love! I'll keep my eye out for it.
Yes! I got an email from Amazon today and it said my copy should be here next week! I can't wait to see more of the new recipes. They are always delicious.
I will for sure buy your book. I sometimes find recipes cost so much to prepare!

And I also have no slow-cooker recipe...and didn't know which slow-cooker cookbook to get... it sounds like I now know where to go
Oooh, I love that there is a slow cooker section. I'll def pick this up as soon as I see it!
Congratulations! I'm very excited to hear that you have a new book out. Looking forward to reading your cost saving tips. :)
Congrats, Robin! I had no idea you had this in the works--I own all of your cookbooks--and love them! Your Vegetarian Slow Cooker is one of my faves! Can't wait to get my hands on this one and add it to my collection!
Congrats on the book! :D
Looks good, looking forward to it!
I didn't know this was coming out...very excited. You are amazing, Robin. Thanks for all the great books.
This cookbook looks perfect for me! I'm gonna get it this weekend.
Does this book include nutrition information? For example:

"Makes 6 cups, 400 calories per cup" ?
Ordered my copy this morning!
Also recommended it to my blog readers.
Here's the link:
Thanks everyone for all the great comments and good wishes. I hope you all enjoy Vegan on the Cheap.

Jennifer, thanks for recommending the book on your blog!

Beforewisdom, no nutritional info in this one (publisher's decision) but tons of great info on saving $$$!
This is fantastic news. I' ordering it today. I have Vegan Planet and cook from it frequently. I'm looking for vegetarian recipes for the new outdoor grill I just got. Do you have a grilling cookbook yet, Robin?
This cookbook is great! I love it.
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