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Vegan Planet: Best Ever Birthday Pizza

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Best Ever Birthday Pizza

Jon’s birthday was Saturday and, as is our custom, we always begin celebrating a few days leading up to the event — mostly with the honoree’s favorite foods being enjoyed.

This year, Jon’s birthday blow-out coincided with a visit from some of our best friends who also enjoy the same food penchants we do, including doubling up on the garlic, olives, or hot chiles in most any recipe!

One of Jon’s birthday meal requests was pizza (as it is most every year!) I decided to make the Tuscan White Bean Pizza from Vegan on the Cheap (see May 13 post:

Don’t get me wrong, that pizza is utterly fantastic in its own right, but I have to tell you that I’ve made a good thing even better with a few embellishments. Here’s what I did:
1. I doubled the amount of garlic in the white bean topping.
2. Not only did I mix lots of fresh basil into the topping, I also liberally spread basil on top of the topping as well.
3. I used thinly sliced super-sweet grape tomatoes on top along with halved and pitted kalamata olives.
4. For a big finish: I dabbed small spoonfuls of green olive and tomato tapenade on top of the pizza.

Everyone eating this amazing pizza was speechless — mostly because their mouths were stuffed with pizza! But between bites, we all agreed it was outstanding. If you haven’t tried it yet, I hope you will — and let me know if you add any “extras” — I think next time I’ll add a few shakes of hot red pepper flakes or some slices of my homemade vegan pepperoni!

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Looks mouth-wateringly delicious! I love vegan pizza, and usually it does not require vegan cheese of any kind. My favorite pizza in the world is a simple pesto pizza - just crust, a thick spread of vegan pesto, and some tomato slices and kalamata olives on top. I've also made a similar white bean based pizza like the one you've pictured, though not quite as fancy. I'm craving pizza!
YUM!!!. I love pizza. I just posted about 30 minutes ago my homemade pizza. Yours looks so good too...I love it.

Pizza looks so yummy with beautiful topping, looks great...
That pizza looks so authentic and perfect...I can understand why everyone was speechless (full mouths aside). I have to try this very soon.
Oh my!! My stomach is growling. I am making this pizza this weekend. Thanks for the extra calories. :)
This looks sooooooo yummy! I can not wait to try it! I am going to a party this weekend so maybe I will bring this as my to share item. Trying the 3 bean loaf later this week too.
That pizza looks slammin! the olive and grapes just sound so good on a pizza.
Feel free to pass by my blog to check out my recipes!
So excited about Party Vegan....less than 3 weeks to wait now!!
Ooh I'm definitely going to have to make the white bean spread (certainly with double the garlic!) and spread it on everything I can get my hands on! The pizza sounds lovely!
That pizza is drop-dead GORGEOUS!! Almost too pretty to east, I would imagine...almost. X )
Mmm-mm! I think your original must have been amazing, but you can never have to much garlic in my opinion. I also love the idea of extended b-day celebrations.
That pizza looks and sounds AMAZING!
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