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Vegan Planet: Vegan on the Cheap — “Double Your Luck” Book Giveaway

Friday, August 13, 2010


Vegan on the Cheap — “Double Your Luck” Book Giveaway

In honor of Friday the 13th I’m announcing a special giveaway of my new book, Vegan on the Cheap. Beginning today, you can enter to win a copy of this cookbook not once, but twice. Here’s how to enter:

Entry #1: Simply leave a comment at the end of this post for a chance to win. In your comment, complete this statement: “Vegan equals ____.”

Entry #2: For a second chance to win, share the news about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or on your own blog, then come back and leave a second comment here to let me know about it.

But wait, there's more!  To increase everyone’s chances of winning even more, I’ll be doing TWO drawings and giving away two copies of Vegan on the Cheap. I guess that means you actually have FOUR chances to win.  The two winners will be announced here on my blog on Thursday, August 19. Feeling lucky? Enter now!

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Vegan Equals Compassionate
Vegan equals healthy.
Vegan"ism" is something I strive for on a daily basis.
Vegan equals health and happiness for all.
Vegan Equals Life to the Fullest
Vegan equals clear conscience, harmony, and connection to all beings.
Vegan equals delicious
Vegan equals delicious!
Vegan equals EPIC WIN.
Vegan Equals Love.
Vegan equals freedom.
Vegan is the only way to live
Comment posted! :)
I shared the post on Facebook
vegan equals tasty combined with healthy and often not expensive
Vegan equals love.
Vegan equals positive choices.
Vegan equals love.
I posted this cookbook giveaway on our university blog here:
Vegan Equals Victory
Vegan equals simple.
I posted this on my FB page.
Vegan equals good food!
Vegan equals kindness
Vegan equals Consciously Humane.
Exuberant! With a lust for life - my own and all other creatures!
Vegan equals happy tummy.
Vegan equals a whole new way of thinking about the world.
Vegan equals bliss!
Tweeted! @ordinaryveg

Thanks for the giveaway!
yes I want to get on this giveaway. I have had your blog on my blogroll for about a year now, I will annouce it on my fb page and to end your statement...

Vegan equals LIFE!
vegan equals expanding your diet not diminishing it.
Vegan equals Yummy Compassion!
Vegan equals tasty.
Vegan = healthy
vegan equals good.

You should have posted this yestareday, it was my lucky day:) But I hope today I have some chances too.
Vegan equals compassion.
vegan equals happy!! : )
Vegan equals exciting new foods!
Vegan equals love
Vegan equals feeling great, both mentally and physically.
Vegan equals peace.
Vegan equals doing something wonderful for my body, mind, and the world around me!
I also posted about your giveaway on my blog!
Vegan = Power!
vegan equals awareness
I also just tweeted about your giveaway!

handle: veganniche

vegan equals ethical consciousness (and total babe-material, if i'm going to be honest).
Vegan equals best way to life life!
I posted the giveaway on my FB account =)
vegan equals peace of mind
Vegan= peace of mind.

I posted on my facebook and twitter pages(glassesgirl79)
Vegan equals a way of life.
Vegan equals kind choices
Vegan = vibrant!
I tweeted about it - @AlmostVeganBlog
Vegan equals not eating my friends.

(Thank you, George Bernard Shaw)
vegan = challenge (in a good way!)
vegan = challenge (in a good way!)
Vegan equals energy.
Vegan equals the future
Tweeted! (@kazookah)
Vegan equals variety!

I was born on a Friday that was a 13th, so I consider it a lucky day for me!
Vegan equals simple and healthy.
Vegan = Equality!
Vegan = Equality!
Vegan equals living.
Vegan equals PEACE, COMPASSION AND LOVE for the people, the planet, and the ANIMALS!

I also tweeted about the giveaway!
Vegan equals responsible stewardship of the planet - and yummy food, too!

Vegan equals love.
I'm sending people your way from my vegan blog, Learner's Permit:
Vegan = metta
Vegan equals yummy!
vegan equals truth
Vegan equals fun times.
Vegan equals choices.
Vegan equals choices.
Vegan equals inspiration and culinary adventure!
Vegan= Compassion + Conscious + Hunger
Vegan is respect, justice, and compassion
Vegan is kindness, peace & LIFE!! :)
Vegan Equals living a life aligned with my deepest values, which means striving to do the most good and least harm for all people, animals and the earth.
Vegan means living in a healthy way and not continuing with heart disease!
Vegan = Health
I shared on facebook/diane.bramos thank you!!
Vegan equals happiness.
Vegan equals good health.
Vegan equals a better planet.
vegan = no harm
Posted it on FB!/profile.php?id=1236932245
Vegan equal the sum of all this wonderful and inspirational. Its about the health of all living things on the planet as well as the planet itself. It's about compassionate, responsible choices that will benefit everyone in now and in the future.
Vegan equals great health & the best way to eat to live a long & healthy life!
Vegan equals Bliss.
Vegan equals peaceful, happy, healthy yumminess.
Vegan equals confidence.
Vegan = Equals

We have shared this news on Vegan Gourmet Caravan twitter and face book. Cheers!
Vegan equals harmony
Vegan = Living mindfully
Vegan equals compassion and respect. And great food!
Vegan equals my road to recovery.
“Vegan equals adventure.”
Vegan equals saving 100 animals per year!
Posted the link on my facebook!
Vegan = Health
Shared this link on facebook!
Vegan equals breathing space.
Vegan equals cheap. :-)
Vegan equals smart
Vegan equals a healthy, happy world.
Vegan equals peace!
vegan equals healthy body, clear conscience!
i blogged about your giveaway:
Vegan = no body gets hurt
Vegan equals understanding and clarity.
Vegan equals raising your children to be healthy and ethical.
I posted on Facebook.
Vegan is love.
Vegan equals recognizing sentient non-human animals as persons.
Shared on Facebook.
Vegan equals teaching my children ethics.
Vegan equals less suffering.
Shared on twitter
Vegan equals peace
Vegan = a Loving Living!
Posted on my twitter: theveganverdict !!

Vegan equals SOMETIMES healthy, and SOMETIMES tasty.
vegan equals consistent morals.
Vegan equals balance

Thanks for the great offer!
Vegan equals love for all beings.
Vegan equals thoughtfulness.
I just posted the blog entry to my facebook! Thanks! :)
Vegan = Health and well being
Vegan equals creativity! I am 8 months in as a vegan and have recently found Vegan Planet. I am going to be cooking my through a lot of it. Thank you for the inspiration!
Vegan equals a healthier planet.
Vegan equals a better me, a better family, a better world.

Tweeted @anniemam

Vegan=Love for yourself, the environment, for the animals and for the future generations.
Vegan equals health
vegan equals fun
vegan equals joy.
Vegan equals beautiful life.
Vegan equals love for self, others, and the universe.
Posted the giveaway on my Twitter

Check it out @lpmccullough
Vegan = mercy.
Vegan equals a whole new world!
Posted on twitter and FB!
Vegan equals compassion and peace.
Just shared this on facebook...thanks for the giveaway!
Vegan equals feeling good and having energy!

christinaalmond at gmail dot com
I posted this giveaway on Twitter:

christinaalmond at gmail dot com
Vegan equals peace, love and happiness...
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Vegan Equals Light
Vegan equals Non violence
Vegan equals Non-violence
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