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Vegan Planet: Tapenade-Stuffed Peppadews and Cookbook Giveaway

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tapenade-Stuffed Peppadews and Cookbook Giveaway

I have a super-busy today today. For one thing, today I’m a guest on the Jazzy Vegetarian radio program. Tune in today at 1:15 Eastern time for some of my favorite party planning tips and the recipe for Sherried Mushrooms from Party Vegan.

No matter how busy, there’s always time to make an easy appetizer that can be assembled in seconds, right? Take these Tapenade-Stuffed Peppadews, for example. If you enjoy surprising your taste buds with several flavors at once, you just might like these little peppadew chiles stuffed with tapenade. I happened to have a little tapenade leftover from Halloween and a few of those adorable peppadews in the fridge, so what else could I do but stuff the tapenade into the peppadews?

In addition to being cute as a button, these zesty little appetizers pack a flavor wallop. The burst of flavors you get include sweet-spicy, salty, and just plain delicious. If you’re not a fan of peppadews or tapenade, then you can cherry tomatoes and stuff them with something else — but then you'll have to call them something other than "Tapenade-Stuffed Peppadews."

Vegan Mofo Giveaway #1:
Today is the first of a series of my Vegan MoFo Giveaways. To be automatically entered in next week’s drawing for a copy of my book, Vegan on the Cheap, just leave a comment at the end of this post that answers this question: What kind of stuffing would you put in a peppadew (or cherry tomato)?
A winner will be chosen at random (using generator) and announced on Tuesday, November 9.

Good luck in the contest!

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I'd make a stuffing using seitan sausages. Mmmm...
mixture of tofu, spinach,cashews, onions, garlic and spices.
mixture of tofu, spinach, cashews, onions and garlic and spices.
Oh a stuffing with mushrooms and fresh basil. Basil & tomatoes, yum!
Hmm tough question (for me at least) but I think I'd use barely and maybe some carrots. I'd have to think about spices though.
Artichoke and cashew ricotta
Something with nuts. Ground up almonds, maybe with lemon and basil.
I think a roasted red pepper hummus would be delicious in a peppadew!
It might be tasty with some sort of nutty, spiced couscous salad. Yeah, I'll have to try that.
cashew cream or vegan cream cheese is delish. any suggestions on where to buy peppadews? i saw them in texas in a jar but never see them here in florida. should have bought more!

Hmm, I think a mixture of pine nuts, basil, spinach and garlic sounds delicious!
I think Toffuti cream cheese, sauteed spinach and chopped walnuts sounds yummy!
Sweetpea, I get my peppadews from the olive bar at the Safeway in Warrenton, Virginia. (I can't find them in jars around here!)
I'm not the most original, but I can't get olive tapenade out of my head, because it sounds so delicious, so this is what I'm going with

rebeccastar at gmail dot com
I would do cherry toms, I think, and for some reason, I think that very finely diced cucumbers with a little oil, vinegar, and spicy mustard sounds really good.
Kale and white beans!
Some kinda cashew goat cheese equivalent kinda thing. Fresh herbs, etc. yumz.
Cashew cheese with fresh basil, drizzle of olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt. mmm I am salivating just thinking about it!!!
Caramelized Onions, basilic and vegan cheese!
These sound incredible!

For my filling, I'd use guacamole, because avocado is always right.
Such a stuffing would definitely have to have garlic, basil, mushrooms and a boca crumble. Yum!
Basil leaf, tofu ricotta, drizzled with balsamic reduction. Bite-size Caprese salad!!!
Some cooked marinated tofu 'feta' and a mixture of roasted nuts.
hmm i would stuff it with a mix of tempeh bacon bits and avocado and top it off with buttery bread crumbs for a sorta blt +a spin on stuffed tomatoes
Yours sound yummy! I'd probably make some spiced-up version of tofu ricotta and cut-up olives (if using tomatoes).
I was thinking something with rice and a cheese alternative.
Herbed vegan cream cheese with olives
I'd stuff cherry tomatoes with a green pea pesto with lemon zest.
I'd stuff cherry tomatoes with a green pea pesto with lemon zest.
A pistou!
Hummus sounds good to me!
I'd probably stuff it with some smooth roasted red pepper hummus. Anything bigger than a spread would probably be to had to stuff them with
I have made mock egg salad before and stuffed it into the cherry tomatoes - it is so good!
I'd use the stuffing I recently made for zucchini boats: shredded bleu-cheese flavor Scheese mixed with corn and cooked quinoa. So good!
I think olive tapenade sounds perfect, with sundried tomatoes for extra tomato goodness!
I'd stuff 'em with some good ole' fashioned quinoa.
Years ago I made pesto stuffed grape tomatoes--it was awesome. I really want to make that again.
Honestly, I wouldn't stuff my cherry tomatoes with anything at all. I love them raw - just like nature's candy, when they are sweet enough!
I'd go with a classic pesto stuffing. I'd eat pesto stuffed into anything.
Chickpea salad! Or maybe basil and cashew ricotta.
Rosemary and basil spiked cashew ricotta!
Mmm I love peppedews! I eat them plain often, but I'd be inclined to stuff them with some sort of quinoa salad, one that would have to include capers
hmmm, maybe some roasted red pepper hummus.....
Definitely something basil based, like a basil cashew ricotta (especially with ripe summer tomatoes where I wouldn't want anything too overpowering).
Hmmm, something with cashew butter - I am so hooked on it right now!
Black olives, spinach, quinoa, balsamic vinegar, and a little bit of nooch and basil. Mmm.
Caramelized onions, mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Wait..will all of that fit? :D
Reading these comments has made me soooo hungry.

I'm going to say caramelized shallots with cilantro and chopped almonds.
For stuffing a cherry tomato, I'd do a deviled "egg" type mixture out of white beans.
Spicy quinoa.
Quinoa! I think it would be great (with some other seasonings, of course).
WOw what a great giveaway and question! I would fill it with a mushroom pate' or a tangy eggplant dip (baba ganoush). Sounds so good right now!
I'm no chef, but what about herbed cashew cheese?
I'm no chef, but what about herbed cashew cheese?
mmm, definitely some sort of olives/garlic filling!
Homemade fermented cashew cheese. And fresh herbs. Yum.
Mmm... a Middle Eastern-spiced quinoa.
I don't like tapenade...I would make some sort of hummus!
I would use cherry tomatoes and stuff them with eggplant and top with vegan cheese.
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with duxelles (minced mushrooms, shallots, herbes de Provence)
Marinated olives :o)
A mix of ground almonds, garlic, basil, nutritional yeast, and quinoa
I'd use pesto tofu stuffing.
I'd put guacamole in cherry tomatoes, and tofu salad with capers and tiny diced veggies in peppadews.
mmm tapende sounds good. I think I'd do a sort of tabbouleh- bulgur, tomato,and a load of fresh mint and parsley :)
Peas and potatoes! With something creamy mixed in.
I'd keep it simple with quinoa, parsley and chopped scallion.
Looks great! Hmmm...I rarely stuff anything and I don't think I've had a peppadew. How about tempeh sausage or tofu feta? You are picking the winner on my bday. Maybe that will bring me luck. :-)
Some basil pesto with lots of different nuts
Pesto tofu with sauteed mushrooms and onions? Not sure... that's why you write the great cookbooks adn I follow directions.
Edamame Pesto
A classic cornbread stuffing would be AWESOME!
A classic cornbread stuffing would be AWESOME!
I would most likely do a tofu burger mixture or fake ground meat with tomato sauce like stuffed peppers.
looks delish!
I would stuff a peppadew with a Spanish quinoa concoction. Yum!
A raw taco filling made of ground up raw almond and walnuts with taco spices and topped with pieces of avocado.
Rice, mushrooms and pine nuts!
hmmmm, i'm a traditionalist, so probably seasoned rice, almonds, and soy-mottz! yummers!
cous cous, cilantro, artichoke hearts, pine nuts, lemon zest and a little squeeze of lemon.
Hmm, how about herbed vegan cream cheese?
I honestly have no idea!!! I'm new to being vegan. I might try quinoa with a black bean hummus type mixture.
Herbed cream cheese or feta, vegan of course.
Id stuff it with herbs and vegan ricotta!!
Mmm, I think they would be divine stuffed with raw cashew cheese.
cilantro & avocado bits!
Maybe some herbed quinoa mixture
I am poor and NEED your cookbook, lol. The waiting list at the library is soooooooo long and I have been waiting since it came out!

I would stuff the peppadews with mushrooms :-)

I was going to say something like a pesto-panko stuffing, but your use of tapenade sounds absolutely delicious!
mushrooms, fresh dill and onions
I would fill Peppadews or tomatoes with artichoke-spinach dip.
I think I would go with pesto-infused hummus! Yum!
I would stuff them with simple mashed potatoes and Tofutti sour cream, salt and black pepper! MelissaB
Hope I'm not too late to enter! I would so stuff these with breadcrumbs, lemon juice, garlic, sage and thyme.
i would stuff them with sauteed mushrooms and onions
Tapenade sounds so good I can't think of anything else! YUM!
There's a great yet simple cashew cream I'd try!

pesto hummus! homemade of course
Edamame cilantro hummus...yummm
They look great - I'd stuff them with a lemony couscous with sliced olives, cubed avocado and toasted pinenuts - in fact I have a jar of peppadews in my store cupboard so guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!
Perhaps leftover "sleek" - kale, onion, bulgur wheat, black-eyed peas?
I stuff cherry tomatoes with the insides of the tomatoes, some vegan cream cheese, and some tomato juice added a little at a time in a blender until it reaches a creamy consistency. Then I pipe it in. So cute!
vegan cream cheese. Even plain would be good, but with some herbs it would be even better....and lots of cracked pepper!
I made a similar blog post about saving money with a Vegan diet :)
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