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Monday, December 6, 2010


It’s a Blender!

To look at my Vitamix sitting next to my new single-serve blender, it looks like the Vitamix had a baby — (I’ve always wondered what my kitchen appliances do after the lights go out!)

Fact is, I’ve been thinking about getting a “baby blender” for a long time and only just got around to it last week. After all, I already have (and use all the time) the aforementioned Vitamix, an immersion blender, and a food processor — did I really need another blender?

The answer is yes! I’ve been using it for my morning smoothies and I love it. It’s much easier to wash than the huge Vitamix — and I can drink my smoothie right from the same container. Hard to believe there was a time when we were able to manage without all these gadgets!

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what brand is that?
The little one is a Hamilton Beach -- I got it at Target for about $15!
Thanks Robin....never saw one like that before! Does it chop anything well? I gave up on my Magic Bullet and returned it a long time ago! I have way too much kitchen stuff as it is, lol...but always looking! I do have a Vitamix which I should probably use more often but still like the food processor better for sauces....
I believe its main purpose is for smoothies and sauces -- the blades are small and I doubt it's powerful enough to do much else, but I haven't tried. I only wanted it for single-serve blender drinks and its GREAT at doing that.
What a nice blender family!
Thanks, Gigi! I think they look so cute together!
i am getting for our truck camper! Maybe it will do a marguarita also! Kitchen Collection just got them in so she is holding me one!
I have that same blender. I bought it over a year and a half ago for $8 at Amazon. I have been using it everyday since! I was convinced since it was so cheap that it wouldn't last- but it's still ticking! I like that it is dishwasher safe and doesn't take up much room in the dishwasher.
just curious...did a smoothie this morning and it was fine! Does it chop ice for a marguarita? (didn't do the flaxseeds that well)
Hi Sara, wow,only $8!? That's amazing -- and good to know it lasts.

Nancy, I don't know how well it does ice. I've only used it for my morning smoothie/shake and I don't use any ice in that. I read a few Amazon reviews and that say it does small ice cubes okay, but mainly to only pulse it in short bursts or it burns out the motor.
I just recently bought another blender as well, however I purchased a mobile one so that we could use it on the road while camping. I was surprised when I first used it at how much power it had with only using 12volt out of the lighter socket!

This is the blender I bought, we mainly use it while camping and while taking trips to the beach.
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