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Vegan Planet: “Pick an Appetizer” Contest

Sunday, December 19, 2010


“Pick an Appetizer” Contest

In the photo above are Zucchini Cups with Tomato Concasse and Mini Focaccia with Tapenade. I thought you’d like to see photos of some of the appetizers from Party Vegan to help you decide which recipe you want posted on Tuesday. So far it looks like the Chickpea Artichoke Bites are winning, but things could change between now and Monday at midnight when the polls close! 

For this contest, I let choose the prize! I made a list of cookbooks, vegan product coupons, and product samples — in various combinations and assigned them all a number. Here’s what chose for this giveaway: a copy of Vegan Unplugged PLUS... 3 Tofutti coupons (for any Tofutti product) PLUS... 2 Naysoya tofu coupons. Wow, what a deal!

Just leave a comment on the previous post listing your favorite Party Vegan appetizer for a chance to win. Winner and winning recipe to be posted on Tuesday!

Now for some more appetizer photos from Party Vegan (these are all tester photos taken by Tami of Vegan Appetite). Here's the Antipasto Skewers surrounded by Arugula and White Bean Crostini:

 These are Mini Falafel with Spiced Pita Dippers:

 Below are Sundried Tomato and Green Olive Biscotti with Artichoke Tapenade:

These are Pakora Puffs:

This photo shows the Spinach Phyllo Cigars with Walnuts and Figs along with the Polenta Crostini with Eggplant Tapenade:

Baked Potato Skins, anyone?

Last, but certainly not least, Teriyaki Shiitake Sticks:

Cast your vote now!

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Hard choice!
I would say;
Spinach Phyllo Cigars with Walnuts and Figs along with the Polenta Crostini with Eggplant Tapenade.
My favorite would be the Baked Potato Skins because I am a potato fanatic and they're so darn cute!
Oh, mini flalafels and spiced pita dippers!
The Sundried Tomato and Green Olive Biscotti with Artichoke Tapenade is the most intriguing to me!
Spinach phyllo cigars! YUM!
Chickpeas and Artichokes sounds like the perfect comfort food right now!
I am torn between the Baked Potato Skins and the Arugula and White Bean Crostini! Looks so great!
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