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Vegan Planet: La Befana and Party Vegan Giveaway!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


La Befana and Party Vegan Giveaway!

While many of us know today is the feast of the Ephiphany or “trree kings,” as they used to say back home, today is also La Befana day.
LaBefana is an old woman of Italian folklore who delivers gifts throughout Italy on the night before Epiphany. La Befana is usually portrayed as an old lady wearing a black shawl and riding on a broomstick. She is often depicted as smiling, carrying a bag filled with gifts, and covered in soot because, like Santa Claus, she enters houses through the chimney, leaving toys and candy for the good children and coal or garlic for bad children. She is also said to sweep the floor before she leaves a house. Much like leaving cookies and milk for Santa, Italian families typically leave a glass of wine and a small plate of food for La Befana. In some regions, the food includes broccoli and sausage (!).
Just in case the legend is true, I made some pasta with broccoli and vegan sausage so I could leave a snack for La Befana, along with some good Italian wine – a crisp vernachia from San Gimignano. I don’t mind if LaBefana leaves me garlic (who can’t use more garlic?) instead of candy, as long as she sweeps my house before she leaves!

Cookbook Giveaway: In honor of LaBefana, I’m giving away a gift to one lucky someone – a copy of my latest book, Party Vegan! Much more than a “party” book, Party Vegan is filled with great recipes and menus for everyday meals as well as special occasions throughout the year, from a guy-friendly Super Bowl party to a New Year’s Eve appetizer party.
To enter: leave a comment at the end of this post.
For a second chance to win: link to this post from your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and then leave a second post, telling me you did so. That’s it! I’ll choose the winner at random (using on Wednesday, January 12 at midnight EST. The winner will be announced here on Thursday, January 13.

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I've never heard of La Befana but I certainly wouldnt mind her popping round mine, especially as she'll sweep the floor when she leaves!!! I'd love to win a copy of your book please enter me :)
I would LOVE to win this book! I have fallen off the vegan wagon, but thanks to the current PCRM 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, I am back on! This book would be a great addition to my collection.
I also posted about this giveaway to my Facebook page:!/julie.sheridan2
I've retweeted your tweet too for a second chance to win!!!
Oh, I also tweeted the giveaway!!/BrooklynJulie
Interesting! I'd never heard of La Befana. Sounds like a great tradition though.
I linked in my blog and on Facebook :)
My wife would love this book. Please let it be me!
I would love to wing this cookbook, it's another one on my wish list. Thanks
I have long been a big fan of La Befana. And I would much prefer garlic to candy!
I have never heard of La Befana either! I must put this one on my calendar. I love any excuse to celebrate...especially with food!
This book sounds great! I'm a more recent vegetarian turned to vegan and I'd love something I could throw together for some of my gatherings.
I have posted about this in my facebook, go go second chance!
I've never heard the story of La Befana, but its great! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to win a copy of Party Vegan as I'm transitioning to a Vegan diet.
And I retweeted!
Thank you! Your giveaway's are awesome!!
I posted you on my blog! (
I was an almost vegan, kept slipping a bit with some foods, but with the new year is a new commitment to myself and my health. No more slipping! 100% VEGAN!!
PLEASE throw my name in the hat! what an awesome giveaway!
hi robin! i really need to win this one as i have the vegan on the cheap and the 1000 vegan recipes books. i don't know what i did before buying your books. now i can make delicious easy food that even my carnivore hubs likes. no more living on hummus and rice and beans.


posted the link on my facebook as well...and i'm heading to twitter to do the same!
a witch who sweeps your house? how considerate! :) i'd love to win your new cookbook.
robin, your blog is on my sidebar on my blog where it will stay!


I love your blog, and I've recently committed to the vegan diet. I'd love to have Party Vegan, because I think one of our most important missions is to get omni friends to try vegan foods... It's the first step to conversion!
I've never heard of her before... how cool! I love that she rides a broomstick :-)
I would love this book - I have almost all of yoru others. Fingers crossed!
I would LOVE to win this book! My boyfriend and I need to get out of our vegan rut- spaghetti, vegan tacos, Chinese, rice, etc.
You know, it wasn't until about a month after I had been following your blog that I realized I owned one of your books! Quick-fix Vegetarian. I love it! :) I would love to win another one of your books.
I would love the book. I just purchased your 1000 vegan recipes and look forward to trying them.
Oh my, what I wouldn't give to have a copy of Party Vegan!!! My cookbook collection is still very small but slowly growing. All of the pictures I have seen from that book look amazing!!!
I tweeted the link back to your contest
I facebooked the link back to your contest
What a great story! I will have to make some vegan sausage and broccoli tonight for dinner! I have been vegan for just over a year and love every minute of it! I would love to win you new book so I can entertain my non-vegan pals and blow them away!
I also posted on my facebook to be entered a second time -!/profile.php?id=100000590027796
Your book looks great, Robin. I'm excited to see it!
I did not know anything about La Befana, but I love reading about new customs and traditions. I would also love to win this book because we love having parties!
I am Launching a new Vegan blog site very soon..
sign up for newsletters, and get notified when its launched!!
I really want to win this time :))
Never heard of La Befana, but it sounds like a wonderful tradition! I'd love a copy of your book, I could always use some omni-friendly recipes!
I looked through this book at the store last week and it looks amazing! I'm saving my pennies, but if I win the book I promise to spend them on something equally awesome :)
I am totally a party vegan - now I just need the book!! : )
This La Befana thing sounds like so much fun! I am going to consider her the feminist counterpart to Santa, lol.

Party Vegan is the only book on my list that I didn't get for Christmas so I am hoping that I either win it in this contest or that La Befana brings it tonight! Either way, I will leave out some broccoli, sausage and wine!
I posted on Facebook as well. Too bad it will just give me competition. ; )
Partay time!
I got this from Stephanie's page. I am about to post on Facebook as well! I am Italian and I had never heard this before. Thanks for sharing!
Cool! An Italian broom fairy who leaves gifts. Awesome. I would love to win this cookbook!
Would love to be entered for this giveaway! I don't have a copy of Party Vegan yet, and really really want one :)
ooh, I love your books!
I just contributed three wonderful vegan dishes to a NYE potluck, which were big successes! I would love to win this book to help me throw some parties of my own :)
I've never heard of La Befana, either.
I would love to win the book. I bet it's full of great recipes!!
Happy Three Kings Day! Vive la Befana!
I would love to be visited by the garlic fairy, I'm running a little low!
I've never heard of La Befana before...really interesting tradition!
I'd really like to win this book!
This comment has been removed by the author.
I also tweeted this post! I'm pickyvegan on Twitter.
Thank you so much for sharing the La Befana legend; I hadn't heard of it before! And thank you for the giveaway!
I really want to win this book! PLEASE pick me random generator!
Posted link on my facebook too!
La Befana vien di notte con le scarpe tutte rotte con le toppe alla sottana Viva, Viva La Befana!
I'm vegan and I like to party!
Everything looks so delicious!
I am eating more and more vegan foods these days and would love a copy of Vegan Planet!
I am ashamed to say that I didn't know that today is the feast of the Ephiphany or La Befana day - I had no idea what it was! But it is so great to not only learn about great new recipes on your blog BUT cultural knowledge from around the world! Good deal!!
I also posted this on facebook!! (This is me:!/profile.php?id=910163)
She sweeps the floor?! i think i love her!
Your new book looks great!

rebeccastar at gmail dot com
I'd love to get my hands on that cook book! :)
Your blog is always on my sidebar for all my visitors to see. :)
yes, yes, more garlic please!
Party Vegan sounds great. Please count me in.
What a great offer...and now I can say I know what La Befana is all about. Please include me in the draw!
I also posted it here...
What a wonderful bit of folklore. How sweet that she sweeps the home before she leaves. I'd love to have a copy of your book. Hosting non-vegans for parties always leaves me looking for new ideas on what to serve. I'm sure your book is stuffed with great menus, recipes and ideas.
I would love to win a copy of your book! I believe I use 1000 Vegan Recipes daily..and that is no joke.
I would put this book to very good use. Thanks for offering this. I will be posting this to my Facebook page too.
La Befana sounds like fun!
La Befana sounds like fun!
What a cool story! I would love to win your cookbook! Please enter me :)

I just started a new vegan cooking blog you guys should check out!

I'm going to try updating everyday with yummy recipes! Thanks!!
I throw several parties a year, always serving vegan goodies, and would love a new batch of recipes to choose from!
If I believed in luck I would say that it's been pretty bad lately... fortunately I try not to get tied up in that mindset. I know I have good Karma coming my way and maybe, just maybe, it will be in the form of a cookbook that will get me more good karma points because I know my friends and family will also love it if i win this!! Enjoyed Learning of La Befana - shared it with my 16 year old son - btw - he is a big fan of your recipes too!
Official entry here.
I love Robin's "Vegan Fire and Spice" and would love a chance to "party vegan" (with a glass of La Befana of course!).
Second entry on my FB page which I don't know how to link to directly.
I had not heard of La Befana,it is interesting. I will gladly put out any food and drunk she wants if she will sweep the floors before she leaves. I would love to win a copy of your book. thanks for the opportunity.
Just posted on my twitter feed. I'd love the book to help supplement my pre-football game feasts!
I would love to win the book as I like to have parties and gatherings and feed guests lovely vegan food and I could do with expanding my repetoire of recipes!
I would love to win a copy as I love to play the roll of hostess with the mostest............yummy vegan treats that is, to try to convince all my carnivorous friends that they they can live without eating animals and their bi products!
I've not heard of La Befana., but she sounds like my kind of Santa, one who brings gifts and cleans! wow. would love to have your new book.
I made the chickpea-artichoke bites for New Year's Eve and I'd love to make many more of the recipes from this book.
MMM, the dish in that photo looks yummy. I'd happily celebrate that!
Always hoping for a chance to win!
Party on! Thanks for offering us a chance to win!!
OK, I posted the link to my Facebook page. So I think I am all set to be entered twice in your contest. THANKS!
Enter me please!
I blogged here:
I'm prety sure you could talk Santa into broccoli if you tried too. ;)
I'd love to get this book! I just recently got 1K vegan recipes and love it.
and i just posted this on my twitter! (@pearlgirl00)
I still don't have Party Vegan...and I need it! :)
I enjoy your books, I enjoy your blog and I enjoy you on Facebook guess that makes me a big fan! Would love to win but I'm already a winner since I have quite a collection of your books already.
Thanks for the contest. Looks like it would be a great book to win. Vegan parties are such fun and this would make them even better!!
Yay a vegan cookbook giveaway!
It woiuld be amazing to win this book! A lovely Befana present :)
I have linked this post on my twitter.

Forgot to add in my previous post, one of my favourite ways to eat pasta was with broccoli and pork. I'm not vegan but I like your recipes so much, that I have limited animal products to a minimum. Now I eat my pasta with broccoli, figs and nuts.
Somehow, I always end up cooking at almost every party I attend, so getting this book would be really great so that I can give my non-vegan friends even better party foods.
Lovely give-away :)
La Befana - leaves presents AND cleans your house! Who needs Conde Nast's jolly old elf when you can get someone to gift you for cleaning up after you? I love her. I believe La Befana, I believe.
I would love to win this book! I have your slow cooker and "Vegan on the Cheap" books and they have become "go-to" books for me.
i adore garlic, so i'll be on my worst behavior :)

i'd love to win this book - it'd be such a wonderful addition to my cookbook shelf!
What an AWESOME idea for a book! I have a hard time knowing what to make for parties that isn't a full entree! I'd love to learn how to make vegan party food!
Hello, well as so many others I would love to get my hands on your book!
I posted this on FB! Always lovely to have one of your books gracing my shelves :-)
Wow Robin, you know about la befana more than I do, and I'd lived in Italy for 30 years.....broccoli and sausage...
linked on my fb
I have a couple of your fantastic cookbooks, and would love to get my hands on this one!
the holidays, with all non vegan family visiting has not been kind to me. Back to the joys of vegan eating, and for the super bowl, its ALL VEGAN in this house!
I just found your blog, luckily since, I just became totally vegan. I would love a chance to win a copy of your book. Thanks Dianne
Would love to win a copy of Party Vegan!
I already own 5 of your cookbooks. They are some of the most used ones on the shelves
I just discovered your blog and the first thing I see is this great giveaway! Count me in! Now I am off to read the rest of your blogs! Happy New Year!

Haha. I'm with you on the garlic. Sometimes it pays to be bad. :-)
La Befana looks and sounds an awful lot like a "witch" I wonder if there is an origin here to be researched...
I love vegan cookbooks! I'd love to win it!
My cookbook shelf could always use another volume.
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