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Vegan Planet: Bananas Foster Waffles

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Bananas Foster Waffles

I haven’t seen my waffle maker since I moved from Virginia Beach in 2007.  It’s probably in a box in the attic somewhere, who knows.   I haven’t really missed it. In fact, I’m actually kind of relieved that it hasn’t been around.  It’s just one less temptation.  See, the thing about waffles is that if you’re going to bother making them, then you have to eat them.  And they’re so delicious, it’s hard to stop eating once you start.  So, out of sight, out of mind.  Since I don’t see the waffle maker beckoning me with its “come hither” look, I don’t think about waffles much.  Most of the time.

Then the other day I read that a common supermarket brand of waffles had some vegan varieties.  Wouldn’t you know that when I went grocery shopping the next day, my eyes fell on a box of Van’s (vegan) waffles — the very same waffles I just read about.  Surely, it was fate.  What else could I do but bring home the waffles?

These are some great little frozen waffles. I love their size and the fact that you can make them in a toaster. So easy, so quick. To celebrate my long waffle hiatus, I wanted to do something special with them beyond the usual drizzle of maple syrup. Since Jon had put in a request for Bananas Foster, the solution was crystal clear: Bananas Foster Waffles!

“Easy to make” is an understatement. Just cut a pint of your favorite vegan ice cream into cross-wise slices and wrap in plastic wrap, flattening it as needed to be the same circumference as your waffles, then refreeze. Toast the waffles.

While the waffles are toasting, make the banana topping: Cut 3 bananas into 1/4-inch slices and set aside. In a skillet, combine 1 tablespoon Earth Balance, 1/2 cup pecans (halves or pieces), and about 2 tablespoons light brown sugar or maple syrup over medium heat. Cook, stirring, until the Earth Balance melts and the sugar dissolves. Add the reserved banana slices and cook until softened but not mushy, about 1 minute. Carefully pour in 3 to 4 tablespoons of brandy or dark rum and cook for another minute or two.

To assemble: unwrap the frozen ice cream slices and place one between two toasted waffles (or you can just use one waffle per serving, placing the ice cream on top of the waffle). Arrange on large dessert plates or in large shallow bowls. Spoon the hot banana mixture on top and serve immediately.

This made a sublimely decadent brunch/dessert.  It’s totally scrumptious but very filling.  We actually split the portion shown in the photo and it was more than enough, so I’d recommend just using one waffle per serving.

IN OTHER NEWS….For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter (hint, hint…), I’m excited to tell you that my cookbook 1,000 Vegan Recipes was included on the “Vegan Bucket List” in the March/April issue of VegNews.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about such an honor!

One more thing…If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you buy a copy of A Vegan History by Erik Marcus.  It’s the best $2.99 you’ll ever spend if you want to have a clear concise history of the vegan movement from its early days to the present.  Best of all, if you don’t have Kindle, there are lots of other ways to download it (I downloaded my copy directly to my computer).


Wow, that looks beautiful and decadent! I've had Van's waffles too and they are delicious. I'm going to go to the bookstore to get 1000 Vegan Recipes soon. Really enjoyed your "Vegan Fire and Spice". Keep up the good work!!
It looks yummy. Thank you for very interesting recipe.
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Oh man, this sounds amazing!
That is one HOT breakfast!!! You really know how to start the day off with a bang. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your waffles up.
wow that looks incredible!
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