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Vegan Planet: Hearts Afire Valentine Menu + Cookbook Giveaway

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hearts Afire Valentine Menu + Cookbook Giveaway

For Valentine’s Day this year, I’m going to shake things up with a hot and spicy menu. If you like spicy food as much as we do, than my Hearts Afire menu may appeal to you. (If hot and spicy isn’t your thing, I’ll be posting more traditional menu ideas in a few days.) But if you want to spice things up for Valentine’s Day, check this out:

~ Hearts Afire Valentine's Day Menu ~
Four of Hearts Salad (romaine hearts; artichoke hearts; hearts of palm; heart-shaped beets) with Fiery Lemon Vinaigrette
Chipotle Glazed Comfort Loaf with Blazing Cauliflower
Potato-Beet Rosti with Jalapenos
Chocolate Cheesecake with Cherry-Red Pepper Glaze
[or] Cherry Bomb Pie

For the salad dressing, I’m adding a splash of sriracha to a lemony vinaigrette. The main dish is the Comfort Loaf from Vegan on the Cheap, but made in a heart-shaped pan using dark red kidney beans and studded with bits of jalapeno. It’s topped with a chipotle ketchup glaze. I also encircled it with a frill of chipotle mashed cauliflower.

Another fiery heart in this menu is the Potato-Beet Rosti made with jalapenos and roasted in a heart-shaped pan. The basic recipe is from the Valentine’s Day menu in Party Vegan.

For dessert, the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake from Party Vegan with one spicy twist — instead of topping it with a cherry glaze, the cheesecake is topped with a glaze of red pepper jelly. Wowza.  If cheesecake isn’t your thing (is that possible?) you can instead make this Cherry Bomb Pie — I made this one with three kinds of cherries (fresh, canned, and dried) and stirred in some red pepper jelly for a spicy jolt.

Later this week, I’ll post a more traditional menu for Valentine’s Day along with the cheescake recipe and some other thoughts for the occasion.  

Now on to the Cookbook Giveaway
As my special Valentine to you, I’m giving away a copy of my cookbook, Vegan Fire and Spice. Just leave a comment at the end of this post telling me your plans for Valentine’s Day.
For a second chance to win, link to the giveaway from Facebook, Twitter, or your blog and then post a second time to let me know you did. The contest closes Sunday night, 2/13. The winner will be announced on Valentines Day, Monday, February 14.  ENTER NOW!!!

P.S. If you already have Vegan Fire and Spice, enter the contest anyway — you can always use a second copy to host your own giveaway or to give as a gift! Right? Spread the spice!

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My plans for Valentines Day is to make a big vegan homemade dinner for my hubby!
My husband is working valentines so we will be having a special dinner the day before. Nothing so heart shaped, just something simple which is his favoruites - I'm planing on making Vegan Haggis, with Neeps and Tatties and finishing up with some Coconut Cookies (from the soon to be pucklished Vegan Bake Sale)
I love the idea of the four hearts salad! I have lucked out this valentine's day and get to experience a local food tour
We plan to play laser tag for Valentine's day. We love spicy foods! :)
My husband and I usually don't celebrate Valentines Day per se (he gives me flowers often during the year) and since VD is on a monday, and that is a karate night for my son, we will have a nice meal together on Sunday night instead. Not sure what I'm cooking yet, but it will be nice. :)
This will be my first Valentine's Day as a single woman in several years. I'm actually pretty excited about it! I'll be taking a belly dance class and then may have dinner with a few other single gal friends.
I'll be hosting some friends on the day before Valentine's Day for vegan potluck brunch, asking everyone to bring something 'heart' themed (either in shape or content).
I'm eating yummy, messy vegan comfort food, wearing black and watching horror movies with my roommate and our dogs! :)
I am spending it with my kids while my husband is out of town. We are having a themed dinner followed something chocolatey!
I'm going to work, then do a P90X workout and a bike ride. Because that all sounds like fun!
Making dinner and watching a movie with my nephew!
I challenged my husband to make me dinner on Vday! I hope he is up to it. He could use a cookbook or two.
Chocolate in the morning.
Chocolate in the evening.
Chocolate at suppertime.
Chocolate vegan waffles for my sweet in Bed.
Chocolate and almond butter vegan heart-shaped panini for lunch.
Chocolate in the mole black bean and sweet potato enchiladas for dinner and vegan chocolate molten cake for dinner.
Champagne and The Way We Were and Casablanca post sup!
We have been together nearly 30 years and we are still very romantic!
My bf and I will be in school all day but we'll make something nice for dinner and enjoy the evening!
Sleeping in, taking our baby to the dog park, making dinner together and watching a bunch of Star Trek! :p
I plan to nurture myself with some lovely and delicious Sjaaks organic vegan chocolates from Sidecar for Pigs Peace, a totally vegan grocery store in Seattle whose profits go to an animal sanctuary. I will also make the pasta and Pumpkin sauce recipe with yummy sage for dessert. (Of course, on Valentines Day, the chocolates must come first!)
I don't have any plans, but I would love to win a cookbook!

I will be celebrating my 25th birthday with friends! I will be serving vegan cupcakes to remind everyone that vegan baking is delicious! My mom is coming to visit me the day before Valentine's day/my birthday and we're going to a new raw vegan restaurant in my town.
Going for a job interview....JH
Menu looks great--but I'd really like the recipes. Hardly seems fair to say eat this, but guess how to make it.
Love your heart themed menu and spicing it up is perfect for the holiday. I have no special plans for Valentine's Day but BlissfuLife's plans sound great!
Retweeted about the giveaway on Twitter.
We're going to visit a friend's art exhibition, then making vegan pizza, popping a cork or two and watching a movie marathon.
Happy Valentine's Day and hugs to everybody!
My plans are to bake some Ezeqiel bread...I'm excited to try this new recipe. I do not have your book but would love to try some of its recipes.
Still in the midst of figuring out Valentine's day plans...I want to have a picnic in the living room :)
My husband will be in class that night til 9. I'll be home alone doing homework, haha. Watch out, we're wild ones!
We don't have any official plans yet, but I usually just do something simple for my husband- heart-shaped cookies, pancakes, or something. I have a feeling it will be the same as every Friday nite with a bottle of wine and Netflix!
Dinner cooked for me & some nookie, too! ;)
Heart shaped food! I think I'll have to make something heart shaped for myself on V.Day (no man in my life right now :(). I'm a student so I will be taking the evening off studying and spending it watching Desperate Housewives with a special friend!
Would love a copy of the book.
My husband and I have a single friend with Valentines Day for her birthday. We usually spend it with her. Not real romantic, but everyday is Valentines Day in our home.
I'll be teaching a Valentine's Day Partner Yoga class at my University!
Linked to Facebook!
Neat ideas. My plans for V-day are not exactly for V-day. I don't get to see my boy then so we're doing something the weekend before. We will exchange gifts and we haven't decided if we're going out to eat or just going to be lazy by staying at home. But I like surprises so I'm fine with either, lol.
Haven't planned Valentines dinner menu yet, know it will be special. I use your Slowcooker book all the time and would really like this cookbook, we love spicy food. thanks, karen
Hubby & I are hosting a vegan dinner party. Not a single guest is veg, and I sense trepidation..... Fabulous menu planned using zero 'mock meat.' I bet after surprise around the table, about how good the dinner was, we get a convert or two for meatless Monday's. Would love your cookbook.
I do not celebrate Valentine's day for several different reasons. However, my favorite cat's 21st birthday is on this day and that is what I will be celebrating. My plans for that day are to spoil her rotten by cuddling with her and giving her some of her favorite foods.
We'll be making a heart-shaped vegan pizza!
My plans include making a delicious vegan dinner and enjoying it with some girlfriends.
This Valentine's Day I will surprisingly be in Disney World. Hoping I don't have an awkward run in with a lonely Mickey Mouse.
I also retweeted about this giveaway!!
I'll be at the Chicago Diner having my Karma realigned. mmm...
I'll be at the Chicago Diner having my Karma realigned. MMMM......
My husband and I had been planning to go out to dinner but since I got really sick with my allergies and lost my temp job due to too many days sick in too short a time we now don't have the money and I may be too sick on Monday to enjoy it anyway. So I will probably make something super easy like soup from Vegan Unplugged and sit on the couch with hubby and baby and watch a romantic comedy on Netflix.
My boyfriend and I are trying a new veg restaurant! wooohoo :)
My husband and I are celebrating 11 years together (3 days after valentine's day) and we're spending it making (and eating) chocolate fondue!
With my little niece and nephew playing and watching cartoons.
We're actually having our Valentine's Day one day early due to work commitments. I'm going to be making a romantic Vegan feast and giving her some organic vegan truffles I ordered online!
Just tweeted the contest on @vegan8korean

I have to work so something simple at home.
I absolutely love spicy food. It’s my favorite ever. And I like very much your chocolate cherry cheesecake, it looks amazingly delicious. I think I’m going to surprise my boyfriend with this spicy treat and hopefully he’ll love it. Thanks for the idea.
For Valentine's Day I'm doing my first ever stint at our local soup kitchen, "Everybody Eats." I'm excited since I've grown vegetables for our local food pantries, but have never prepped and served meals to folks (except in a church supper context). Looking forward to creating yummy vegan meals from grocery store surplus after the head cook gets to know me more. Recipes from Vegan on the Cheap figure strongly into my sneaky scheme for a vegan infiltration!
On valentines day I have to take my youngest son to the airport. He is going to Australia to study for a semester. Since it is a 3 to 4 hour drive each way it will take up my whole day.
My Valentine's Day probably won't be any different than any other Monday, except there might be more candy involved!
My plans for Valentine's Day is to cook vegan for 12 people!
My plan is to cook vegan for 12 people!
I'm desperately single, and so is my housemate, so will buy her some chocolates so that we can at least participate in Valentine's Day so some extent!
Pink martinis and vegan cupcakes!
I'll be having diner at home with my husband and having something special and chocolatey for dessert
My boyfriend and I treat every day like Valentine's Day, but we don't feel the need for cards, chocolates, or flowers to tell each other "I love you." So for us, Valentine's Day is just another day of the year on which we go to school during the day (we are both college students), and will cook dinner together and enjoy each others' company in the evening.
my valentine day plans include going to see a movie with my friends and having a great meal afterward!
my birthday is three days after valentine's day so I will probably have a nice meal at home with my family and wait patiently for my presents for 3 more days :)
My husband is going to be gone for a few days (he's in the military) so I'm surprising him with his favorite meal tonight: spanakopita, creme brulee, kebabs, and lemon rice. I've never made vegan creme brulee so here's hoping it turns out ok!
I like to keep my Valentine's Day low-key, so I'll be making (a fancier than usual) dinner with the bf enjoying a night in. I'm also planning to make a batch of linzer cookies with heart cut-outs because sometimes you need a little sap.

- Sara
OMG Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake too. I have got to perfect a less labor intensive soy free cream cheese so I can make this. I don't know why but I did comment several days ago and it didn't show up. I wasn't even mean unless telling you that "Vegan Fire and Spice" is my absolutely favorite Vegan cookbook and has so many stickies in it is looks like a porcupine. Maybe you thought I was spam this time?
I love the addition of sriracha to the salad dressing! Not sure what we'll be doing on V-day...
We're celebrating on Sunday with a Greek inspired meal (and vegan to boot) I've never cooked before! Then we've got a symphony concert to attend!
We're going out of town for the night and eating at a vegan restaurant tomorrow. We're looking forward to it!
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I dont really know what my boyfriend and i are doing for Valentine's Day or this weekend. We'll probably sneak a long hike in and make another delicious vegan dinner with some wine and chocolate or hit up one of the many LA vegan restaurant offerings. I don't have any expectations but I know it will be awesome.
I do not think we have any Valentines Day plans but I would still love to win your book!
I've got my eye on a nordicware baking pan that will be 1/2 price the day after, so I'll be thinking about all the great goodies I hope to get on sale.
I don't have plans yet! It's a Monday, and that's usually stir-fry night in this house. We're broke, so I can't really justify buying any special ingredients... and we're trying to avoid sweets at the moment. So maybe I'll just propose a round of massages and leave it at that!
I'm making my hubby and I Polenchilada's and heart-shaped whoopie pies for dessert.
It will be pretty much like any other Monday except I plan on doing a little baking and taking some treats to work with me and then coming home and making a wonderful dinner followed by your wonderful cherry chocolate cheesecake!!!!
I'll be spending Valentine's Day at home with my husband and son. We don't make a big deal of it, so no special plans, but I think my son will love the idea of a heart-shaped pizza! I may borrow that. My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes, so I'm thinking strawberry and something (cashew cream?) parfaits for dessert.
No big plans.....but that might change, now that I've seen your recipe for the chocolate cheesecake!
I am so lucky to have boyfriend that realizes I am super stressed right now. I ave no plans for V-Day, except showing up to his place and a warm, healthy hearty meal. I already know he is going to make me a creamy broccoli dal. :)
We will be spending Valentine's Day at home. I'll plan something to fix for dinner and we may watch a movie. Very low-key.
Instead of going out to dinner for Valentine's Day, I'm going to turn my apartment into a romantic restaurant and surprise my boyfriend with TBD :)
Valentine's day and my birthday are always the same week, so we tend to go overboard on the red and heart shaped food items theme. I LOVE your ideas and I think I will borrow a few!!
My husband said he got a babysitter and is taking me out tonight. No idea what yet.
My plans are to go to class, come home and study and that's about it!
I have class and work as does my boyfriend on V-Day, so we celebrated early yesterday.
I've also linked this to FB.
My plan for Valentine's Day is to go to a wonderful Lebanese restaurant with my husband!
my boyfriend and i will be making homemade ravioli. yummm.
No boyfriend or sig other so it will be just me and the kiddos. Perhaps we will have vegan black-eyed peas with vegan cornbread and collard greens!
Will be making vegan sushi at home! Yum! Favourite valentines dinner for my valentine and I. =)
My husband, daughter and I will be having a homemade vegan dinner - not exactly sure yet the specifics (better get cracking). Some chocolate for dessert in some shape or form :)
Unfortunately, it's the same as any old day for me. School and orthodontist appts for the kids, play practice in the evening for me. Perhaps I'll have time to make a v-day theme vegan dessert that day . . . but I think hubby and I will have to wait until another day to celebrate.
Unfortunately, it's the same as any old day for me. School and orthodontist appts for the kids, play practice in the evening for me. Perhaps I'll have time to make a v-day theme vegan dessert that day . . . but I think hubby and I will have to wait until another day to celebrate.
I posted it on my facebook!
My boyfriend and I will stay at home and cook a vegan dinner. We don't know what's on the menu yet though, we'll probably decide on monday morning :)
My plans this Valentine's is having my boyfriend cook me a Vegan dinner for the first time in almost a year that we have been dating. I am so excited and can't wait!
My boyfriend and I will stay at home and cook a vegan dinner. We don't know what's on the menu yet though. We'll probably decide monday morning :)
Shared on Facebook! Sorry about double posting, I did not realize my first comment had to be approved first before I could see it :)
Sadly, my plan for Valentine's day is nothing more than some tv on the couch with my hubby... at arm's length. I have pneumonia and pertussis (whooping cough). Celebrating later with some recipes from your cookbook would be great though!
I just found your site through! The Cherry Bomb Pie sounds amazing, I will have to get your book now :)
how are you using puff pastry. that is made with butter. does this add me to the list for the cookbook giveaway?
We'll take a day's leave from work and go to the spa.
My hubby and I have been visiting an incarcerated man who has no family for several years now. On Valentine's Day, we'll visit him at the state prison where he's spent the last 24 years and let him know that we care about him.
Just found your blog via twitter. So many great ideas, thank you!
Just found your blog via twitter. So many great ideas, thank you!
I'm by myself this year, vegan heart shaped brownies sound like the perfect gift to myself!
Hi hairstylist! I use Pepperidge Farm brand puff pastry which is vegan, and yes, this enters you in the cookbook giveaway. Good luck! :)
Not doing any special valentine thing, but I'll be presenting a program that informs people about the benefits of a heart-healthy lifestyle education program starting soon in my area.
You have inspired me with all your wonderful heart shaped dishes, so I will be trying some of those this Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day! Thanks Dianne
We are cooking a nice dinner at home, and watching a movie in front of the fireplace.
We cekebrated at a vegan restaurant tday
We are getting a new kitchen, and right now I have no kitchen at all! Whatever I cook has to be made in a crockpot, electric frypan, or in a microwave. It is a challenge, but will be worth it in a few weeks. I did pick up some fresh strawberries, though.
I'm single and unemployed so my Valentine's Day probably won't look any different than any other day unfortunately. I've never been big into this "holiday" anyway but I do love to make special types of food to go along with the holiday. I will most likely cook my dog and myself some dinner and cozy up in front of the tv to watch a sappy movie.
My boyfriend lives far, far away, but we'll probably skype each other. Sigh!
My husband and I are still debating our plans for Valentines. My birthday is 4 days after and we've lined up a babysitter for a night out on the Friday, but not one for Monday.
Most likely we'll spend the night in either playing board games or watching a movie and eating something delicious and Vegan. I'm currently thinking of making some sort of pie or red velvet cake for dessert.
I'll be having a quiet dinner at home with my husband.
I'll br having a quiet dinner at home with my husband.
I'll be in class all day but then will come home and cook myself a yummy vegan dinner :).
Robin, I think you rule! Thank you for all your good work!

My hubby and I celebrated on Feb. 13, because he travels for work. Can you say vegan chocolate truffles?! Yumm!!
My girlfriend birthday is next week and now i know exactly how to surprise her :)
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