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Vegan Planet: Party Vegan Giveaway!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Party Vegan Giveaway!

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for another cookbook giveaway. This time the prize is not one, but two copies of my latest cookbook: Party Vegan!

Now that Spring has arrived, there are lots more reasons to party — not that you need a reason to celebrate with good vegan food. There’s Passover and Easter coming up, then there’s Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, and on through the summer when we have more casual gatherings, potlucks, picnics, and cookouts.  But everyday can be a reason to celebrate, too. Reasons like:

• TGIF — anytime there’s no work the next day is a reason to party!
• Game night — all you need is a board game and a bowl of popcorn.
• Pizza night — self explanatory!

To enter the giveaway:  just leave a comment at the end of this post telling me your favorite “everyday” way to party vegan.  That’s it!

For a second chance to win:  Link to this post from Facebook, Twitter, or your blog and then leave a second comment here to let me know.

If you already have Party Vegan:  You can enter too!  (It makes a great gift — or you can use it for your own giveaway.)  And, while you’re at it, consider telling others about the book by posting a brief review on (thanks!)

Two winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, 3/31 at midnight and will be announced on Friday, April 1.  So tell me, how do YOU like to party vegan?


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Whoo hoo! I party vegan by making fantastic vegan foods to show my omnivore friends that I eat like a king without the cruelty!

And I LOVE your cookbooks. Vegan on the Cheap gets more use than all the other cookbooks I own combined.
Party-ing and celebrating every lunchbreak! Poking eyes out with my 'looking-much-more-interesting-than-a-cheese-or-bacon-sandwich'-lunchsalads...
I part vegan every day! I love to cook! Its my way of expressing creativity. I love making your delicious recipes, and feeding them to people who arent expecting vegan food to taste good. I eat better, and in style, choosing to eat vegan :-)
I party vegan by being the party house. I can rest easy knowing that my family and I can eat all the food, and everyone (omni or not) knows that they can get food and learn that vegan can be great and satisfying.
When the weather warms up, my husband and I love hosting BBQs. It is so rewarding to share some homemade black bean burgers, a quick slaw and a fruit-based dessert with friends and family. Many, many people now insist that we make the black bean burgers when we visit their house for a BBQ. Wow! Omnivores requesting vegan black bean burgers. Be still my beating heart!
also posted a link to my facebook!
I party vegan by having potlucks with friends! YUM!
I like to party vegan by having potlucks with friends! Yum!
i like to party vegan with guacamole! yay guacamole!
i've twitter-FB'ed about it <3!/vegancoupons/status/51289973713932288
For me as a greek, today is a great day to celebrate :)

today is Greek Independence Day!

I will make a vegan pastitsio: I follow my mothers recipe but using tvp and soymilk in the right places :)

For the beschamel sauce part of the recipe I follow a recipe from Robin's Vegan Planet :)
I love to cook - so any gathering is an excuse to try a new recipe on my friends. A winter favorite has been a butternut squash/pumpkin soup recipe I've jazzed up to take to several church functions. It's now asked/hoped for. I usually get asked to do a salad or veggie dish in warmer weather. My secret: I took a tip from my father's one specialty in the kitchen: what I call a dump salad (anything that looks like it would work goes in.) One favorite family story concerns the time he inadvertently put in chocolate chips that were in a bag of homemade trail mix - but that's a story for another time.
My daily vegan party? Oatmeal! Dress it up in the most fun ways with delicious fruits and spices. Such a healthy and tasty breakfast most people don't realize is already vegan. And savory oatmeal, too!
Basically, my favorite way to show off my vegan lifestyle is to cook for others through my church potlucks and other opportunities.
My fiance and I party vegan everyday by either munching out on fab vegan dinners he makes (he's a vegan chef) or on great meals from some of the fantastic vegan restaurants in our city!
I party vegan by making green smoothies whenever I can. It's a party in my tummy, and everyone is invited!
I party vegan every day by making yummy cruel free food that my family can all sit at the table and enjoy. Good food & family :)
I shared the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter!
Partying with campfires and barbecues - vegan campfire stew and hot dogs, grilled portabella mushroom burgers and spicy tofu, and so much more! :o)
I party vegan by always making at least two dishes to bring over to my friends houses! I make sure they know that vegan food can be fun and taste delicious too!
I always make sure I bring at least two vegan dishes with me to all my friends parties! This way they will figure out that vegan is not only fun to eat, but also delicious!
I like to party vegan by bringing goodies at my office to share with collegues! I really like to try new recipes and this book seems to have plenty of good ones!
Michelle says: LOVE your Vegan Unplugged book and am still partying vegan with it, Robin! And for the first time ever, I am able to gain some healthy weight due to you and your wife's books and recipes! :) I am also being praised as a great cook too! I will indeed be Partying Vegan with this book if I win, Hugs!
I totally linked to this on my Twitter and Tumblr. I *hope* I win.!/theheartattacks/status/51294196010729473

I like to party vegan with vegan pizza and stuff portobello mushrooms!
My favorite way to party vegan is with sun dried tomato hummus and pretzels
It's easy to link to this post from my blog, when I already have so many other cookbooks by you to gush about!
I party vegan, by making an awesome 7 layer dip for game night!
My favorite weekday "parties" involve whipping up some sweet potato tacos and eating outside on the patio.
I celebrate by baking some yummy vegan treats, something I don't usually have time for!
I party vegan by creating delicious and healthy lunches for my two teenage boys to take to school. They are the envy of all their friends who always beg for them to share. They even ask for the recipes!
I like to host movie night for about half a dozen of my friends and cook them tasty vegan food! It's a great respite in the middle of a busy week.
I party vegan by always making sure there are cookies in the house, which I always take to share when I visit others! I usually make lower-fat whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. Everyone LOVES them, and they have no idea they're vegan AND lower-fat!
Any time people come over I always have fabulous vegan foods ready-made and they love to partake!
We party vegan byob style. Everyone brings their favorite dish. And we sample a little of everything.
I also tweeted about the post!!/ApartmentGF/status/51305440151207936
My fav way to party vegan everyday is to make great tasting & smelling vegan food. My co-workers love the smell of my food & are still in shock it's vegan!
My friend Amber and I get together and have little cooking parties in her kitchen about once a week. We usually cook dinner and dessert(s). We have a lot of fun, and gives it both something to blog about later!
I linked to your giveaway on Facebook. (I don't do Twitter.)
I party vegan every day by finding new delicious recipes to try on my friends!
I party vegan through our weekly vegan supper club. It's a great way to experiment, eat, and have fun!
I also facebook-ed this!
I party Vegan everyday by eating delicious vegan food, petting plenty of neighborhood cats (I purell afterwards no worries) and by preparing vegan food for my omnivorous friends,who, by the way, love it.
If we have pizza, it's party! But I'd love to have sweet parties every week too ;-)
I party vegan with vegan boneless chicken wings!!
I tweeted about this too!
My favourite way to party vegan is to celebrate Saturday with some vegan sushi! It's not difficult to do but it's quite time-consuming, so it's strictly weekend food. My friends find it very impressive and since there's no raw fish (well, or cooked either), even the pickiest people can take part.
I have a cake business and with my close friends that order I'll sneak in a vegan order and just wait for them to comment. They never know! Until I tell them of course. They always ask for more!! =) I offer vegan options for my vegan customers as well.
We are lacto vegetarian but mostly we eat vegan. My favirite way of party food is not super healthy
Some of them are …
fried Pakoda (veggies dipped in chik pea flour batter and deep fried)
Pav bhaji (sandwch bun with spicy vegan sloppy joe)
Our favorite everyday way to party vegan is tv night! We pvr all our fave sitcoms&series andalwqys have some awesome vegan nibbles to go with!!
I posted on Facebook about your giveaway!
I party vegan by remembering that good, creative, nourishing food is a reason to celebrate every day, at every meal... and for those special occasions it's always so much fun to make a special meal that everyone walks away from satisfied and not feeling like they have missed out on anything by not having any animal or typically processed products.
I have posted about the book and this blog post in my own blog. The entry is in Spanish, giving you more international publicity. :)
I tweeted the giveaway!
I posted on my blog as well!
My favorite way to party vegan style is make delicious food for friends. Some of my friends aren't veg and I love when the veg and non veg party together. It shows them that we aren't strange and we eat awesome food! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to win!
The husband and I party vegan every day by making delicious homemade treats that we share with others who are continually shocked that it is vegan. How many amazing cookies do I have to feed someone before they stopped being surprised that vegan = awesome?!?!
I party vegan via my baked goods. I have made many an omni think twice about vegan food with a luscious cupcake.
I like to party vegan by making cupcakes for no reason at all!
I also party vegan anytime I make a great vegan meal! I love to share my love for vegan food.
I think I just posted this twice on my fb!
I like to party vegan by being healthier & cold-free, unlike all my meat-eating coworkers who envy my lunches. Love your cookbooks! gabby
gabbys35 at yahoo dot com
I added link at
We party vegan with movies and vegan nachos (with melted daiya cheese) & bean dip.
I linked this on Facebook :)
We have parties everyday in our house thanks to our party loving 3 year old! We make treats almost everyday and have decorations up all over our house all the time! Yup we are those people!
And I just linked it to Facebook
I party vegan 'every day' (or so) with bread dipped in extra light-tasting olive oil infused with a favorite spice blend, like a cajun blend or something. Hmm... I have to admit, the bread is not always totally vegan, as of yet. But, the oil and spices certainly are.
I party vegan 24/7 - from the food I eat to the cosmetics I use! There aint no party like a vegan party!
I posted about the contest from my twitter!
I like beer with Japanese snacks (wasabi rice crackers with roasted nori)or just some frangelico.
I party vegan by having people over and teaching them about vegan food which they can taste!
My favorite way to party vegan is bringing along an awesome dish that is so good, people can never guess it's vegan!
my favorite vegan party is the classic potluck! throw some board games in and you can't top it.
I party Vegan Style by always keeping a well stocked pantry so im prepared to make cookies, cupcakes, or brownies at any time. Me and my friend Amanda take full advantage of it at least once a week, that combined with some music, cat tricks, and hot tubbing! Parting vegan style is the only way to go! =D
I party vegan by treating my kids to great after-school snacks!
I'm retired so every day can be a vegan party but my favourite is a pizza party with some nice vegan red wine.
I just linked to this blog on Facebook
i also linked this on my Facebook and Twitter!
I like pot lucks.
People are always willing to try what I bring, which is a step in the right direction!
I work weekend overnights in a big hospital. Friday mornings, there's a party in the kitchen getting all the meals made so that the Hubs has great meals while I'm at work or sleeping, and so that I have great meals to bring to work for myself and goodies to share with my co-workers.

That's the really amazing vegan party!

It starts with "oooo yum! Who brought this?" and then they taste, and then they look confused and ask if it's really vegan - then the shock and awe. I love that part :-)
Kitchen Activism is POWERFUL!
I party vegan by offering a variety of colorful and tasty vegan food for the taking. Just offering salads won't want to make anyone party!

I'll post this link to my facebook page:
Yum! I party vegan with desserts and appetizers that I bring to game night/movie night (most recently a vegan triple nut chocolate tart - yum!)
I party vegan by sharing easy vegan foods with my friends and family and introducing them to all the wonderful aspects of vegan living!
I threw my 4 year old a make-your-own-pizza birthday bash, entirely vegan. It was awesome! I made an artichoke dip for an appetizer while everyone was working on their pizzas, and toppings included vegan pesto, mushrooms, kalamata olives, bell peppers, artichokes, red sauce, and vegan cheese. And of course there was a vegan birthday cake and plenty of nondairy ice creams for dessert!
I party vegan by making themed snack days at work then bring yummy vegan snacks like cupcakes or guacamole that are sure to please everyone. Makes fridays just a little better...
We love having game nights with friends. Lots of fun.
Cooking tasty homemade meals and, more importantly, dessert! A little something sweet at the end of a meal makes everything better!
I tweeted the contest @bwp1984
I party vegan by trying to make the meals look colorful and appetizing.
I love potluck parties. My friend is very good at hosting them, so I usually bring vegan tarts and quiches to surprise non-vegan friends! People love them and it's better than bringing cakes and other sweets.
I tweeted about the giveaway! Thanks. :-)
I love to have vegan picnic parties with my two boys in our back yard. I make up a big platter of hummus, carrot & celery sticks, cucumbers, pita, grapes and orange slices. I squeeze into their pint sized picnic table with them and we feast on veggie goodness under the warm spring sunshine. Super easy and fun.
I love to have vegan picnic parties with my two boys in our back yard. I make up a big platter of hummus, carrot & celery sticks, cucumbers, pita, grapes and orange slices. I squeeze into their pint sized picnic table with them and we feast on veggie goodness under the warm spring sunshine. Super easy and fun.
I linked to your giveaway here:
fingers crossed!
A good game of Scrabble and vegan choc chip cookies with friends.
I party vegan by enjoying the wide variety of foods available. Beans are my protein of choice :-D
my husband and i like to make "rawcos"-- raw vegan tacos, which are so delicious and filling. we use soaked walnuts processed with zucchini for the meat with our own seasonings, then cut up tomato, avocado, and cilantro, and use hearts-of-romaine leaves as shells. squeeze a little lime juice and throw some sea salt on top and voila-- we're set for a date with a netflix movie or youtube videos!
I party vegan everyday by cooking up all our meals. I also love to host friends for movies or board games and provide plenty of vegan snacks.
I party Vegan every day by using recipes by my favorite cooks. Last night I made Robin's Smokey Red Bean Chili w/ Chipotle-Cornbread Dumplings.This is from her book "Vegan on the Cheap" YUM!!!! Love her recipes=)
I party by blogging and printing recipes I want to make.
Thank you so much for the chance to win a cookbook! I don't think there is anything that I would rather win than a new vegan cookbook!

I partay vegan by volunteering ingredient information in a decorative sign whenever I bring food into my work potlucks! It is a great conversation starter and I get tons of questions from people about being a vegan. It always results in spreading the word
I like to eat desserts or fried foods first when partying, then serve up main dishes; it is more satisfying that way. Also, homemade funnel cakes! Cheap, esay, and impressive.
My daughter is about to turn 1 and we'll be having vegan snacks at her party! yay!
Any ole reason will do to party. Everyone loves my vegan pizzas, lasagnas and Mexican dishes. Your cookboods are full of great recipes to choose from.
I make sure not to get into a rut, I love to cook and I keep trying new recipes, and new ways to veganize my favorite traditional recipes!
By eating delicious vegan foods every day, I set an example for my family, friends, and colleagues. It also helps that I often bring baked goods into the office to share. ;)
I love your cookbooks! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

I party vegan by throwing myself into the joy of cooking and enjoying simple, beautiful, vegan food!
I tweeted!
celebrating a great day at work!
edamame hummus & veggies
Hummus and corn chips are great party food :)
I love to have different types of parties... in the summer we have backyard BBQ-style parties. Also, birthday parties and a party for the Stanely Cup playoffs.
Living in south Florida, I love using our wonderful fresh citrus and melons. A mango salsa is so refreshing on a hot summer day.

I HOPE I win!!!
I am looking to experiment on any Vegan dishes and recipes. I am a new Vegan since 4 weeks. Would love a Vegan cookbook to help with my new adventure in life. :-)
I like to have vegan pizza parties!
I party vegan with homebrew vegan beer.
I party every day with Super Oatmeal: oatmeal made with soymilk, mixed with almond butter and banana, and topped with wheat germ and grape nuts. Talk about a party in your bowl!

I like to party vegan by trying to make food that I know my non-vegan family members will enjoy and then celebrating the willingness they have to try something new. I'm always so proud of the interest they show in the food.

(I LOVE your books....just blogged about my two favs: Vegan Planet and 1,000 Vegan Recipes).
Sue in Ohio
OoOo0oo0o I party vegan everyday by adding peanut butter to everything I possibly can!
I party by bringing wonderful things to potlucks at work.
I party vegan everyday eating the cool new vegan recipes me and my boyfriend try each week. In trying to incorporate him in my vegan ways, we have made a weekly ritual of cooking together to have food for the entire week. He loves it! This week he learned what a flax egg is. Hehe.
How exciting! I party vegan style every day by shocking my family and friends with fabulous vegan dishes! They are always amazed! I love cooking for people, just to show them "the way" :) Yay!
Vegan small plates and cocktail parties. Classy. We do field roast chorizo in phyllo, homemade crostini, faux gras, etc with cocktails from the Savoy. Little black dresses welcome.
I linked! :) @andreaschuetz on twitter!
I love to party with Friday night vegan pizza
I party with Friday night vegan pizza
I love to have people over, whether it popcorn, chocolate chip cookies (so far the ones from Vegan Planet are the best, tried and true!), or for super special occasions: cupcakes!
I linked about it on facebook!
My sister-in-law is slowly but surely converting my family! My kids now REQUEST black bean burgers (and want to help make them), and my husband and I have spinach/carrot/berry smoothies most mornings for breakfast. My students at school are always fascinated at how green my "milkshake" is.
I just FB'd about it too!!/annemeltonbrown

Here's my address.
Homemade pizza and ice cream = an instant vegan party!
I also tweeted about this giveaway:
Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes and Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker are what inspired me to go Vegan in the First Place! I have been a fan of yours for years Robin!

My favorite way to party vegan is by making a whole bunch of cruelty free food and then sharing it with my family and coworkers. Changing people's views one yummy bite at a time!

Thank You
I party vegan by cooking up a storm. I try to make as many new recipes as possible. And always baking vegan cakes, cupcakes, and pies. People love it and are amazed how great they are. My husband and I eat like royalty I tell them.

So excited I just got 1000 Vegan Recipes - that will keep be busy for awhile. Yeah!
My favorite way to party vegan is to make a delicious 7 layer dip!
Yummy vegan sundaes with the kids using Turtle Mountain treats...usually Vanilla It's Soy Delicious topped with caramel & bananas, blueberries & limes, fig jam, mango chutney, pomegranate molasses, whatever we like. Occasionally we get lazy and just dive into some super yummy Purely Decadent Turtle Trails!
with chips and awesome vegan dips!
I party vegan w/ vegan beer!
I party vegan by bringing flavorful comfort food to friends needing a pick me up. Last week was Ginger cookies for a coworker who went vegan for Lent and was suffering instead of enjoying it, and today it is the African sweet potato peanut stew from Vegan Planet, for a friend who just had a baby and has no time to cook!
I'm just starting to work my family to eating less meat, and more vegetarian meals, so as of yet I don't party vegan. But, I'm really eager to learn!
I party vegan by bringing vegan treats to my office potlucks.
Me - I rock the baked goods for the omni's amazement and vegan enjoyment. I also love dips and interesting crunchy things to go with them.
I love a good picnic with my family! Also, I enjoy blowing coworkers away with delicious vegan treats when I bring them to work :)
To party vegan, I think you have to consider your "audience", that is, your guests. If you are looking at carnivores, I think I'd start with something they might find familiar, such as vegan "chicken" fingers with BBQ sauces or other dips. Raw veggies and dip are OK for just about anyone. However, for vegetarians or vegans, I would need more help - maybe there are some great ideas in your Party Vegan cookbook!
I like to party vegan with hummus and lots of raw veggies to dip with.
I'm just learning to party vegan from a vegan friend at work who bakes the most amazing vegan cookies, cupcakes, muffins, scones... you name it. I've converted all my baking to vegan and am working on the rest of my menus.
Also just tweeted the post!
I party vegan by pooping 3 times a day, minimum. !!! also by having funk dance parties in the kitchen while i cook.
I like to have vegan soup parties for my friends in the winter. The indian spiced lentil soup from Vegan Planet seems to be the one people like best :).
Monday morning tea is a great opportunity for a vegan party - I bring in cake or cookies to work and celebrate the start of the week with everyone there!
Oh, and I've just posted a link from facebook to this post :)
Let's party it up for spring-time! :)
I party vegan every single day. I love to cook, and am always making as many fun and entertaining foods as I can so I can share them with my family and friends. My kids take them to school to share the vegan fun with their friends as well!
For informal parties, I like to make a variety of dips so people can see that making delicious, healthy non-dairy dips is easy. I serve them with lots of veggie dippers and crusty bread chunks.
We like to make Saturdays a day to get together with other vegans and eat potluck or have them over to our house for a great meal.
I love cooking for friends! Last night we had a Caribbean-style four course dinner to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday ... it also helped us forget about the Winter Storm Warning for Washington, DC (at the end of March)!
I party vegan by making bruschetta and opening a bottle of wine. So simple. So good.
I party vegan everyday with greens in my juicer and fruit/greens/nuts in my VitaMix. Gotta love toys.
Cooking delish vegan food is my way to party vegan :-)

I party Vegan every day by making beautiful plant based meals. And one of my favorite cookbooks is your Vegan Fire and Spice. That is my way to party, with Fire and Spice!
My everyday way to party vegan is to bake goodies for my husband and daughter - just baked some blueberry oatmeal muffins. We are new to eating vegan so everyday is a new adventure. Cookbooks are my saving grace in being creative in the kitchen. This would be great!!
I party vegan with a variety of great vegan dips. They are always a healthy hit with my husband and my friends...and they motivate me to eat more veggies with the dip. :) Your cookbooks are awesome and have been a huge help to me as I have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle over the past few years. Thank you!
and chocolate peanut butter 'ice-cream' (the frozen banana method and with crunchy peanut butter) yummmm : )
I love to bake and send extras to my husband's office for his employees to share. I frequently get ooh's and ahh's and "I can't believe that's vegan!" and plenty of requests for recipes! So fun to show the omni's that vegan food tastes great!!
Totally just FB'd this!!! =)
I am in charge of planning the office parties and potlucks. Every time the most unhealthy food is brought in for all to gorge on. I always bring in a vegan dish for the office to enjoy. I trick them and don't tell them it's vegan until the very end after they LOVE it. Now, everyone knows my trick but they ask me to bring in my vegan food because it is so good! LOVE spreading the healthy way of life!
I love to bake, especially for non vegans. I love it when the are in awe if it being vegan. :o)
Our two sons and daughter-in-law introduced us to vegan-tastic recipes. My favorite thing is when we are all in the kitchen cooking and talking and baking and laughing and sharing and enjoying the delicious fruits of our labor - great family time AND great food :)
My favorite "everyday" party usually happens after a long, tough day at school. My boyfriend and I will cook a delicious dinner together, mix up some quick wine spritzers, and spend the evening unwinding in each other's company. Come to think of it, that's how we spend most nights (okay, maybe not always with the spritzers), but it feels even more like a party when it follows a rough day.
Cooking and experiencing new food makes anyday a party in my book!
I party vegan at girls night! Nothing is better than a bottle of wine, good gossip, and some healthy vegan dining! :)
Slow Cooker night! Once a week I work late, which means I prep the food in the morning and when my signif. other and myself get home from work it's like somebody has cooked for us!

p.s. guess who wrote the slow cooker book? :)
I also linked to my facebook page!
Also! I just posted about it on my blog! Yayy!
I just posted a link on my facebook page as well. ^_^
Making dinner veganly scrumptious for me and my boyfriend!
I party vegan with Happy Hour with my neighbor every Thursday...or Happy Hours, as she likes to say! There's nothing better than a table full of vegan munchies, a specialty cocktail, and great conversation between two friends (and sometimes their husbands)!
I like it yummy in my tummy with my honey bunny! I posted it on twitter :) Thank you
I vegan party by sharing a vegan dish at get togthers where there are only meat only options...this introduces them to a delicious non meat dish and ensures that I have something to eat as well
i party vegan by making fun finger food with my toddler.
I like to Party Vegan by showing my toddler how awesome and good Vegan food can be. She loves to eat hummus by the fist full, bean burgers, steamed veggies, quinoa and so much more. By giving her such a variety of fresh, healthy foods she has yet to become picky.

And it's great fun sharing Vegan recipes with my omnivore mommy friends and watching their toddlers devour the food too.
At 71 I've mostly outgrown the party scene in it's traditional meaning but we do love to entertain friends and family whenever we can. My daughter gave me a sushi kit for Christmas and I've become quite interested in its use. I've prepared many different varieties using some very exotic combinations of fruits, and vegetables and my creations, so far, have never failed to impress our guests. The most popular by far is made with red cabbage, carrot, avocado, apple and kiwi.
I party vegan by serving my friends awesome latkes and apple/pear sauces, YUM!
I party vegan with some hummus with apples and then vegan tacos!!
We party vegan by having having food that is colorful. It's more fun to eat foods that have bright colors.
Love Love Love your books!
I like to party vegan everyday by making meals for my family that are SO yummy, they don't miss the meat! My hubs is a meat eater and I made 100% vegan dinners for a week and he was blown away!
Seitan enchiladas are my top party pick! OLE!

BTW, I love, love, love your books!
I party by eating breakfast while watching terrible re-runs on TV. It's a nerdy party, but a party nonetheless!
I party vegan whenever I can after watching the documentary "From Farm To Fridge" a month ago. I have since lost 8 pounds and still counting!YAY!
I party vegan whenever I can after watching the documentary "From Farm To Fridge" a month ago. I have since lost 8 pounds and still counting!YAY!
I love food so much that every time I eat its a vegan party! haha!
I haven't yet experienced the ultimate way to Party Vegan, as that requires food from this cookbook! =)
I try to eat tasty food and enjoy life every day.

I like to party vegan with organic Pacific Rim Riesling homemade organic wheat chips with fresh salsa :-)
I'm so glad I found this giveaway right before it ends! I party vegan solo often because my college friends and sorority sisters don't understand the lifestyle. I'm trying to hard to incorporate them into the vegan mix and this book would be such a great opportunity to do that!
daily party vegan = netflix watch instantly + popcorn with perhaps a dash of salt and nutritional yeast:)
I like to throw chili parties, with several different vegan chilis, from mild ones for the wimps to crazy spicy varieties!
I party vegan by making yummy cupcakes just because!
In a word, popcorn. Throw some coconut oil into the stovetop popper with organic popcorn, add salt and voila. Instant party atmosphere. The whole house smells like happy-party. (Can Yankee Candle make a new scent called popcorn-party I wonder?)

I'm actually not an expert at vegan eatery yet. I'd been thinking of going vegetarian for a while, but decided on vegan last night when I saw a horrific video that shows how animals are treated. I instantly decided I could have no part in that system anymore and my hubby, much to my shock (he loves meat) decided to go vegan for a month to see if it worked for him. (Heaven! A partner!) Long long story made not so short, we're scouring the internet for great vegan books/recipes that appeal to our inner-food-snobs. Thank you for inspiring us with your blog!
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