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Vegan Planet: From the Asian Market

Saturday, April 23, 2011


From the Asian Market

The nearest Asian market is a little over an hour away, so I usually keep an ongoing list and when it gets long enough or we feel like a drive (whichever comes first) we hit the road and bring back a carload of goodies.

The Grand Mart in Centreville Va has a huge fresh produce section. I always make it a point to buy at least a few things I've never had before along with some favorites -- they have such good prices.  The photo shows a selection of this week's haul.  In addition to perfect smallish Italian eggplants, a ton of Thai and Italian basil, and tiny potatoes, I got some pipiane squash (they look similar to zucchini); round yellow Indian cucumbers (they look like tennis balls); batata yams; and a huge bag of Shanghai tips (like baby bok choy, only really small).  I also got some perfectly sweet yellow mangos.

Now I just have to decide how to prepare everything!


One of the things that keeps me coming back to your blog is the absolutely gorgeous photography. This latest pic is a feast for the eyes. Can't wait to see what sort of feast you come up with for the other senses with all the goodies you got from the market!
What a nice thing to say, Karen. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much.
The next time you're making the trek you should come a little farther in to Lotte Plaza in Chantilly, VA. I love Grand Mart, but for an Asian market their produce section is so small. I find that Lotte or H Mart (if you're brave enough to fight your way through Fairfax to get to it) have a more choices.
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