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Vegan Planet: Party Vegan Contest Winners!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Party Vegan Contest Winners!

I thought I'd put out a plate of Fresh Berry Tarts from Party Vegan while we chat....

With nearly 200 comments, this Party Vegan Giveaway was the best contest ever. And just reading how everyone likes to “party vegan” has been a party in itself. So many great ideas — and all of them winners!

Alas, there can only be two contest winners (this time, at least!). And thanks to that wonderful and oh-so-random number generator at, here they are:

Winner #1: #108 – JL Goes Vegan – who likes to party vegan: “by throwing myself into the joy of cooking and enjoying simple, beautiful, vegan food!”

Winner #2: #59 – AllyChristine – who like to party vegan “anytime I make a great vegan meal! I love to share my love for vegan food.”

Congratulations to the two winners — please e-mail me with your addresses and I’ll get a copy of Party Vegan out to each of you right away!

To everyone else: The party’s not over yet! Stay tuned to my blog for more contests, recipes, and lots more, such as this hot tip:   There’s another cookbook contest going on RIGHT NOW at the new Vegan Heritage Press blog — with 3 great cookbooks being given away plus a Grand Prize of all 3 books. Check it out now!

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congrats to the winners!
Blessings, Debra
Raw Vegan Diet
I'd forgotten how great those tarts are!
And in my excitement to post the winners, I forgot to credit you for the great photo of the tarts! Thanks, Tami!
I'm so excited!!!! My email address is Thank you, thank you!!!
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