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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Got Vegetables?

It's been awhile since I posted a new recipe, but there's a great one coming soon, I promise!  Besides, I've been so busy working on the manuscript for the new slow cooker book.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few photos of the amazing produce that has been gracing my kitchen of late.  The red tomatoes and day-glo yellow zucchini (yes, they're zucchini, not the (pale) yellow summer squash) were part of the bounty we brought home with us from a trip to Lancaster County, Pa, home of some of the best-tasting vegetables I've had in awhile.  The cute little yellow pear-shaped tomatoes were a gift from our neighbor's prolific garden -- apparently WE got the tomato caterpillars, and THEY got all the tomatoes! ;)

We've been enjoying the various cherry tomatoes in salads and as a sweet snack, but I transformed many of the larger tomatoes into this fabulous baked sauce.

We had it over some long fusilli and I'm sure you could hear our moans of ecstasy for miles.

I adore virtually all vegetables, but artichokes are up near the top.  Whenever I find fresh artichokes at a reasonable price, I buy several and we eat them in one sitting.  Speaking of artichokes....

Help my recipe for Walnut-Crusted Artichokes make it to the Huffington Post. -- Just "Like" it via the Facebook Like button on this page on One Green Planet. The recipe getting the highest # of Likes will be displayed on The Huffington Post! And while you're at it, make some of these fabulous artichokes hearts (the recipe is on OneGreenPlanet).

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i am eagerly awaiting the cookbook!

we have 4 more days until school starts, and i need healthy slow cooker and casserole recipes
can't wait for the slow cooker book!!! I use the Indian Slow Cooking EVERYDAY!!! SO easy.
love to have more vegan slow cooker stuff that is a cinch
I am really enjoying testing the slow cooker cookbook recipes with you, Robin. I can honestly tell everyone that this cookbook is going to be well worth the wait.
::::nose pressed to computer screen::::

Guh-ORGEOUS. As always.

Have you ever tried "ground cherries"? They're related to tomatillos, but have a sweeter, often times less tomato-y flavor.

I was thinking with all the 'maters you have there, some "ground cherries" might round out flavors for a lovely salad or something.

I'm not growing tomatoes myself this year (first year in a house, still dealing with the learning curve of the yardwork), but I do have two bell pepper plants that are yielding an awful lot. One pepper is absolutely ginormous! I'm waiting for it to finally turn color!
Hi Karen,
"Ground cherries" sound intriguing. I've never seen them available but I'll be sure to be on the lookout.
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