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Vegan Planet: Pistachio-Stuffed Grapes

Friday, September 2, 2011


Pistachio-Stuffed Grapes

When I saw a pile of humungous seedless green grapes at the store last week, I said, "Wow, those are so big, you could stuff them!"  So what else could I do but follow through on the idea to see how they'd turn out.

I happened to have some leftover ground pistachios from the Baklava Palmiers (see previous post), so the base for my stuffing was obvious. Almost like destiny.  As if fate had played a hand in making these stuffed grapes a reality.

I wanted to add a little sweetness to the pistachios for the filling so I blended them with an ever-so-small amount of peach jam.  I then hollowed out several grapes, and viola.

I was surprised by two things:
1. They're easier to make than I thought they'd be.
2. They taste even better than I thought they would.

They taste so good in fact, that Jon and I were popping them in our mouths as fast as I could make them.  Somehow, I managed to snap a quick pic of a few of them, just to show you how cute they are. I garnished some with mint, others with a whole pistachios.  Some had a little grape cap.  Fun with grapes!

Notice my "shiitake happens" mug in the background.  I love that mug.  I got it at the mushroom "museum" in Kennett Square, Pa.

More fun with grapes:  You probably already do this with grapes, but for a quick and refreshing treat, remove seedless grapes from their stems, wash the grapes well, dry them, then freeze them for a refreshing frozen treat.  So good!


"Shiitake happens". X D Love it.

And I never thought of stuffing grapes. What a fun idea!
What a beautiful something to have for parties or potlucks!!! SO pretty!!
They are a lot of fun. And they'd definitely be noticed at a party or a potluck! (they taste great, too!)
Robin, those must have been some really big grapes. I don't think I've ever thought of stuffing any of the grapes I've seen, though it's not unusual to stuff olives and they are about the same size. Did you have to remove some of the insides?
Love frozen grapes, but never thought of stuffing them. Great idea!
You're right, Andrea, these were some huge grapes. If your average grape is the size of a nickel, then these were a little larger than a quarter. After finding the center of gravity on the grape, I sliced off the top and then removed some of the insides to allow for more filling and also to anchor the filling, so it didn't slide off! Easy to do with big grapes -- might be tricky with smaller ones, though!
omg.. i would think of stuffing grapes.. they would definitely make a fun snack for parties.. but the work needed .. phew... i think its a fun thing to do with tons of kids.. stuff em and eat em party!

Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog
Great idea to have a grape-stuffing party for kids -- would definitely keep them busy! ;) Seriously, though, if you can find the REALLY BIG grapes, it's not that time-consuming to do!
Looks great and delicious. The ingredients are easily available and easy to make. Nice blog!
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