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Vegan Planet: Come for the Cheesecake, Stay for the Cat House

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Come for the Cheesecake, Stay for the Cat House

During VeganMoFo I designated Saturday on my blog as "Sweet Tooth Saturday," so here is a photo of the sublimely delicious (as well as quick and easy) chocolate cheesecake from Quick-Fix Vegan.  In the book, the cheesecake is made in a square pan, although it can also be made in a springform pan as in this tester photo (shown here with a drizzle of balsamic glaze -- thanks, Lea!).

Today is also "Caturday" which brings us to the real star of today's post: the custom house that Jon built for Jason, the semi-feral cat that shares our property and our hearts.  Several people asked to see photos of Jason's house and I'm happy to oblige. As you can see in this first photo, Jon designed the roof to have a wide overhang in the front so that Jason can eat and drink in the shade when it's hot and stay dry when it rains or snows.  The sides of the house extend in the front a bit as well, against the wind.  Jason like to relax on the flat roof in the summer.

Jon made this house with some plywood and 2x4s.  It's solid, and the removeable roof is great for cleaning out the house.  The interior is easy to insulate during cold weather. In the warmer months I put in an outdoor chair cushion for Jason to sleep on, usually with a towel on top that I replace frequently, especially if it's rainy to avoid dampness in his house.

In the colder months, I put one of those cat "cubes" inside and insulate around the sides and bottom.  I also place a sheet of thin silver "astronaut" blanket that I fold inside a soft towel for Jason to sleep on which creates added warmth from his body heat, even in the winter. This photo shows the inside with the roof off:

We've positioned the house just a few feet across from our back door so I can keep tabs on Jason and also so he can feel like he's part of the family.  He likes to hang with Gary at the back door.

If you're not handy with a hammer, you can buy a ready-made shelter, but even if you're not a master carpenter, there are lots of simple house designs you can find like these from the Maryland Feline Society.  There are also some great tips for helping feral cats in the winter on Alley Cat Allies.

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I love the cat house - it is so sweet. :) He is a lucky kitty.

I like the photo of the two of them looking at each other through the door too.
Thanks, Susan. I love when Gary and Jason try to play through the door -- they look like they could be brothers!
Gary is seriously the most photogenic the one of him with Jason. I was also really happy to see Gary making an appearance in Vegan Unplugged (had the book for awhile admittedly before I got around to reading the are much more fun :) ).
Love the cat shelter!!!
We did a similar thing for a feral street cat that used to come by our house. It warms my heart seeing others feel the same way about street cats! <3
I love the pictures of your indoor cat Gary looking at Jason! They really could be brothers as much as they look alike!
Ha! Nice to hear that Gary's photo was spotted in Vegan Unplugged. I'll tell Gary he has another admirer,LLP!

Val, it warms my heart knowing there are others caring for "street cats" too. I admire the resourcefulness of these cats and their ability to make the best of what life has dealt them.
This is the first time I saw someone create a house for a cat. Most are for dogs. Glad to get some ideas for making a great cat house.
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