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Vegan Planet: What's In the Slow Cooker?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


What's In the Slow Cooker?

These days, you're liable to find just about anything in the slow cooker, not just at my house, but also at the homes of the recipe testers (like this one, making three recipes at once for my upcoming slow cooker cookbook). The variety of recipes includes several stuffed vegetables, like this stuffed squash:

Loads of great soups, chili, and stews, like this hearty posole:
 Lots of amazing vegetable recipes -- even corn on the cob:

An assortment of jams, chutneys, relishes, and other condiments, including this ginger cran-apple chutney:

And this gorgeous orange marmalade:

There are even quite a few desserts coming out of our slow cookers, like this chocolate truffle cake:

Happy Slow Cooker Sunday!

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Oh man, I didn't think I could be more excited for this book, but I was wrong! Everything looks wonderful, I can't wait!
OH, that looks awesome, and I have a bunch of acorn squash we just harvested! At this very moment I have some stuffed peppers in my slow cooker... will be on blog before you know it.... my oven is not working and I'm avoiding fixing it, so it has been slow-cooker everything lately!
Lovely! I only have the one slow cooker, it's 3.5L. I did see an adorable little mini one the other day, but it was only $19 and I get wary of buying cheap electrical appliances. But I want different sizes. And more room in my kitchen for appliance storage!
I didn't imagine you can do a lot with a slow cooker. Starting today I need to use my cooker's full potential.
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