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Vegan Planet: Holiday Giveaway: Party Vegan + sweetriot Chocolate!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Holiday Giveaway: Party Vegan + sweetriot Chocolate!

Try as I may, I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year, so I thought maybe doing a holiday giveaway would help.

Nothing says holidays like chocolate and the nice folks at sweetriot sent me samples of their new riotBars! Make from fair trade chocolate, these delicious bars are made with actual cacao beans.  I'll give one lucky winner three (count 'em: 3) of these amazing new riotBars, one each of pure 60% dark chocolate with crunch nibs, pure 70% dark chocolate, and pure 85% dark chocolate. And that's not all....

I'm also giving away a copy of my cookbook, Party Vegan.  It's a must-have book for every occasion that calls for good vegan food, including holidays, as well as potlucks, casual get-togethers, and even kid's birthday parties.  The recipes are also great for "anytime" meals and the book includes loads of tips from my days as a professional caterer.

For a chance to win Party Vegan + 3 riotBars, leave a comment at the end of this post. If you'd like to increase your odds of winning, here are 3 more chances to win:

1. Share a link to this Giveaway on Facebook.
2. Follow me on Twitter @globalvegan and tweet about this giveaway.
3. Subscribe to my blog.
(Be sure to leave a separate comment for each that you do, telling me which ones you did!)

Enter now, because the contest closes on Sunday, 12/18 at midnight.  I'll announce the winner on Monday 12/19.  

Guess what?  I feel more in the holiday spirit already!  

P.S. Try the Man-Sized Chocolate Chips from Party Vegan.  Recipe posted here on Facebook. (While you're there, please "like" and "share.")

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Yum! Not like I need more calories this time of year, but hey! It's the holidays!
I also linked to this giveaway on FB!
I also follow you and tweeted abt the giveaway (I'm @easyvegan).
HMM, I think the book would look great on my shelf.
subscribed to blog....
and shared link on fb!
I retweeted this post on twitter! name is stepheebean.
I'm having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year, too. =\ Maybe this will help!
I also subscribed to your blog in Google Reader!
I love your cookbooks, but don't yet have this one.
Sounds great! Party Vegan's been on my wish list, and chocolate is one of my very favorite things. :)
Following on Twitter! Thanks!
I'm subscribed via Google Reader.
Also subscribing to your it!! =)
I made your rosemary chickpea artichoke bites for a party today and they were a big hit! Thanks!
I would LOVE a copy of your cookbook and of course some choco
I shared the link on FB
And I am already subscribed to the blog!
chocolate. What more can I say. Actually the cookbook excites me as much as the chocolate because I'm sure there will be chocolate mentioned in it.
Yummy Chocolate. You got me hooked when you said chocolate. LINK to giveaway on FACEBOOK!
Following on TWITTER!
Subcribed to blog already!
Subscribed to your blog!
I also shared on FB!!
And I'm also following on Twitter and I retweeted!
Ooh, I would love to win! Happy holidays!
sometimes the holidays feel more overwhelming and less fun and cheerful. I find that when I'm feeling blue baking a tred true recipe (christmas cookies?) and sharing it with my friends *always* cheers me up:)
Feel better!
I HAVE to try these chocolate bars, AND I still don't have a copy of this book! I hope I win this one!!
Would love to win this book !
I tweeted about this giveaway @jesscaneal
I also subscribe to this blog on Google Reader!
A cookbook AND chocolate?! How could I not comment?
I subscribe to your blog (Google Reader)
What a great giveaway!

I'd like to win the cookbook and chocolate, please!
I subscribed to your blog :-)

I'm subscribed to the blog.
Chocolate and inspiration--great giveaway!
I'm always looking for a new vegan cookbook.
Also subscribed to blog
Oooh...2 of my fav things: chocolate and Robin Robertson's cookbooks...I so hope I win...

I posted this comment, subscribed to blog & posted link on Facebook!
Awesome! I have been wanting to try SweetRiot for quite a while!

larkspurpurple (at)
I subscribe to your blog via GFC

larkspurpurple (at)
I follow you on Twitter, and I Tweeted:!/PurpleLarkspur/status/147865460317241344

larkspurpurple (at)
Yum - chocolate! I'd love to try some new recipes too!
I'd love to win this book! Looks yummy just by the cover!
I follow you on Twitter!

I subscribe to your blog.
I follow you on facebook
This book looks beautiful. And I would love to try the chocolate.
I also posted this giveaway on facebook
I subscribed!
I followed you on Twitter! WooHoo! Party time!
I shared on FB! (

I just downloaded a new tool called PunchTab - its awesome for giveaways! You might check it out for future fun.) =)
what a wonderful giveaway. thank you so much for the chance.
i'm already subscribed to your blog. love it!
Yay for giveaways! I don't have Party Vegan yet, either.
I also shared the link to this giveaway on my Facebook page.
I need some new ideas, bring them my way.
I would love a copy of Party Vegan!
So much so that I just posted the contest to my Facebook, too.
Great giveaway! I wou,d love to win a copy of any of your books, Party Vegan looks especially awesome!
Linked to the giveaway on Facebook (tagged you in it as well)
Subscribed to your blog!
Also following you via GFC
Tweeted this giveaway & started following!
I follow your blog in googlereader. I have been wanting that cookbook so badly. We have a regular gatherings at my house with lots of vegan nibbles and bites, and this cookbook would add to our fun greatly.

Thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you.
The chocolate sounds yummy and I sure would like the book
I love Sweet Riot! And the book is on my wish list!
My self-discipline seems to go out the door this time of year if chocolate is involved!
I would be so happy to add this to my 'Robin' collection of food delights, and also preparedness.

Thank you for the opportunity.
riot sounds amazing! + i could use more party vegan in my life
I'm subscribed via email
I have long admired your cookbooks online and at friends homes, and would love love one of my own!
I'd love to try those bars, and I don't own this particular cookbook of yours (although I just bought Quick Fix Vegan and it looks really good). Here's a "pat" for Gary...instant holiday cheer!
I follow you +tweeted!/coniecone/status/148066040377643009
That cookbook looks wonderful. One of these days I'll get my hands on it!
my son is a chef and he is always out doing me when it comes to sweet it would be to knock it out of the park with this cookbook!!! hoping these comments make you feel merrier!!!
my son is a chef and he always comes up with better recipes than me...this cookbook should help me knock it outta the park!! happy holidays.
I've never heard of riotBars, but they sound amazing!

janel dot myers at yahoo dot com
I shared a link to this giveaway on facebook:

janel dot myers at yahoo dot com
I am an email subscriber!

janel dot myers at yahoo dot com
I love to make VEGAN goodies and see the suprise people have when I tell them it's VEGAN and they want the recipe.
What a great giveaway! I subscribed to your blog on Google Reader. Happy holidays!! :)
Some chocolate would definitely get me in the holiday spirit, too! Your book looks amazing, as always :)
I subscribe to your blog!
would looooove a copy of Party Vegan!
Yay! I love giveaways, and Christmas!
I've subscribed to this blog!
Thanks for the opportunity to win your book (and candy too!)
I followed you on Twitter (@Lori0713) and tweeted about your contest!
I follow you and tweeted!
I subscribe!
This is such a wonderful giveaway, thanks again!
I shared on FB!
I'd love to win!
nothing better than delicious fair trade <3
linked you on fb
I haven't heard of sweetriot bars but I just checked out their the supercool tins! Thanks for the giveaway!
I'd love to win this!
I already follow you on Twitter
I posted a link on my Twitter, as well.
Party Vegan looks like a great book!
Would love to win!
I subscribe to your blog!
All other foods are an excuse for chocolate. Already subscribed to your blog. Commented of Facebook too!
I'd love to win!
follow you and tweeted!/hihorosie/status/148291487036223488
email subscriber
cool giveaway!
shared the link on fb
and following you
the riot bars sound great!
i already subscribe to your blog
Your book really sounds interesting!
I've subscribed to your blog!
Sure hope to win your book, as I'm working on collecting them all. And I'd love to find an awesome New Year's recipe to WOW all the omis at my cousin's party this year :) I love all of your books I have so far. Thanks for all the unique, simple, and delicious recipes!
Hope you're in the holdiay mood soon!
I'm leaving another comment to say that I also LOVE chocolate, and could use some energy because I'm out the door to go purchase Quick Fix Vegan for myself for Christmas!
would love to win this contest. Merry Christmas
You have plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit!! I hope you have a great holiday season!!
Oh, I also subscribed!!
I would love to see the kid's party section in Party's hard to find food sometimes that meets my 5 year old's approval. Thanks for the giveaway!
I already subscribe to your blog...hope that counts, too! Thanks!
...and shared your link on facebook.
That book looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing!
I would love a copy of Party Vegan :)
candy & a cool book? i am in!
Love all your books. This one is FUN! (saw it at the library) ~ Sara
OH!!!! Someone said that he thought this book would look good on his shelf...and I say, the heck with the shelf!! I want it opened on my countertop while I make one of your fabulous recipes!!!
Robin, lots of folks are having the same problem of not being able to get in the spirit of the season. I think in this day and age, this season of hope being born is exactly what we all need!! I know the world looks awful right now, but this IS the HOPE SEASON!! Blessings on you and yours!!
Shared on facebook!
Also, I already subscribe to your blog and the delicious concoctions you whip up there.
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