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Vegan Planet: Guest Post by Julieanna Hever + Book Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Guest Post by Julieanna Hever + Book Giveaway!

Happy Leap Day!  I’m very excited to celebrate this extra day with a guest post by Julieanna Hever (aka The Plant Dietitian).  

The author of the bestselling book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition, Julieanna is the co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking and the nutrition columnist for VegNews Magazine. Julieanna was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show and has taught as part of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Program, among other endeavors.

In honor of Julieanna’s guest post today, I’m giving away a copy of her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.  Find out how you can enter to win this amazing book at the end of this post where you can also discover if you're the new winner of the Heart Healthy Pizza cookbook (the previous winner didn't contact me, so a new winner has been chosen.) 

Here now is Julieanna Hever, with her post entitled:

Oil Slick

Confusion prevails in mainstream media and in the minds of consumers regarding oil and its benefits or lack thereof. Commonly, there are questions about which types of fat are healthy, how much we need, and what the best sources are.
Due to the popularity of diets like the Mediterranean Diet, oil has become known as a health food….beginning with olive oil. However, olive oil is not the highlight of this successful historical health hint. Instead, there other multiple factors involved, including the fact that the population documented in the Seven Countries Study (the one that kicked off the olive oil myth) ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grain breads, herbs, and spices, and were physically active. Yes, they included fish and olive oil, but those components weren't the main attraction to the health achievements of these people.

For anyone trying to lose weight or moderate blood cholesterol levels, using oil in food preparation is not optimal. Remember that oil is 100 percent pure fat and that fat has more than twice the amount of calories per gram as do carbohydrate and protein. The other fact to consider is that you can attain all of the essential fats you need for optimal health by consuming a tablespoon or two of seeds (especially flax, hemp, or chia) or a quarter-cup of walnuts per day. If you compare whole olives and flaxseeds to their derived oils, you will see the difference in nutritional composition (see table). In the whole food version, you retain the healthy fiber, in addition to most of the vitamins, and minerals which are lost in the processing into oil.

Fiber (g)
Fat (g)
Olives (1 cup)
Olive Oil (1 cup)
Flaxseeds (1 TBSP)
Flaxseed Oil (1 TBSP)

The key to weight loss success is to focus on satiety. If you feel full, you will eat less and ultimately retain your ideal body weight. Satiety and fullness are the result of a diet high in bulk (fiber plus water). The reason it promotes satiety is because when food is bulky, it triggers sensors in your stomach which tell your brain you are full. If you compare an equal amount of calories of oil versus whole food sources, you can eat a lot more food, as you end up with a lot more bang for your caloric buck. There is even evidence that oil can harm the endothelial cells of the arteries, which can promote heart disease.

The good news is that preparing foods without oil is easy and difficult to detect the difference in taste. Here are some tips for oil-free cooking:

Find more information on eating low-fat whole food, plant-based on my website and in my books, The Complete Idiots Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking.

Now's your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about vegan nutrition! I’m giving away one copy of Julieanna's book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.  And because today is Leap Day, instead of answering a question to win, you get to ask it!  To win this amazing book, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post that asks me a food question or asks Julieanna a nutrition question. (If you don't have a question, you can leave any comment you prefer.) The winner will be chosen at random and when the winner is announced, the winning question will be answered as well.

Here’s how to enter: Just leave a comment at the end of this post asking a vegan food or nutrition question. (If you don’t have a question, just leave any comment you choose!)

To increase your chances of winning, do any or all of the following (leave a separate comment for each one you do): 
This giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday, March 5.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, March 6. Enter now and Happy Leap Day!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A new winner in the Heart Healthy Pizza cookbook giveaway has been chosen.  The winner is: # 106 - KELLY G. -- who likes French Fries on her pizza!! Congrats, Kelly! E-mail me with your mailing address and Heart Healthy Pizza will be yours.

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How do you feel about the new trend of Paleo diets and it's derivative, Vegetarian/Vegan Paleo?

Isn't this a contradition in and of itself?
I'm a newbie to this.. and am wondering what you would suggest the top five staples to have on hand as a beginner?
What one piece of advice can you give to a brand new vegan trying to make the transition AND drag her family along-- especially picky teenagers!
What are some plant-based desserts that are relatively easy and tasty?
I am a 100% vegan and eat well balance diet. Do I really need multi-vitamin and mineral including Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 daily plus extra Vitamin D and B12 supplements?
Which is better nutrition wise- juicing in the morning? Or green smoothies in the morning?
I've read that we actually prduce Vitamin B12 within our mouth. Is this true??? What is the best way to get B12 being Vegan??
No one uses a cup of olive oil, so I'm wondering about the purpose of that chart for your comparison.
What are your thoughts on Coconut Oil? Ive been using this to replace my use of Olive Oil in cooking.
Should I stay away from all oils or just use them sparingly?
In addition to oil being confused as healthy is fruit juice. I love juice, and now I understand that it is not healthy for you either. Is it because of the high sugar content? Can you elaborate?
Do you believe cold, raw foods injure the stomach over time?
In addition to oil being thought of as healthy is fruit juice. I love fruit juice, but now I hear that it is not healthy to drink a lot of it either. Is it because of the high sugar content? Can you elaborate?
What do you think is the best way to respond to people who think that your way of eating is crazy, radical, and pointless? Especially if you do not have time to explain the countless environmental, health, and animal justice reasons.
I also subscribed to you on Facebook.
I "friended" you on Facebook
Should I soak/sprout grains, beans and seeds to get the best nutrition and also to cut toxins?
What are some of your favorite recipes involving quinoa?
"fiends" on facebook
"Friended" on facebook
"liked" Julieanna on facebook
now following! :)
"liked" Julieanna on facebook
My fiance and I have recently started a veg. protein based diet and are wondering why fish should be avoided? All we've ener heard is that the omegas and lean protein are good for us?!

How does one cook quinoa? And, how do I pull my two very picky boys (10 and 7) into vegetarian/vegan eating? I am FULL of questions! :-)
I understand that as long as us vegans eat enough calories, we will have enough protein. But how much protein does a vegan athlete need? I run marathons frequently and am curious!
I subscribe to the blog1
I am friends with you on fb!
I follow you on Pinterest
I am now following Julienne on FB
I liked you on facebook, I already liked Julieanna on facebook, and I shared this blog post on my own facebook page! I really want the book!
What's a good alternative to the recommended fish oil in improving cholesterol?
i am friends with both toof you on Facebook. I added you both to follow on twitter. my question is really about oils. even nutritionist in hospitals recommend using oil. why are so many people mislead about olive oils???
I friended Julieanna Hever
I shared your link/blog so that others friends that are new and/or thinking of trying to be Vegan can check it out and get motivated!
What are your staple spice mixtures for making simple quinoa, rice, couscous, etc?
p.s. I'd love to win this book, since I have been trying to promote plant based nutrition to so many of my friends! This would help a whole lot!
Friended Julieanna on FB.
Friended you on FB!
I started a vegan diet three month ago and dropped eight pounds within the first week. I haven't lost an ounce since. What can I do to continue the weight loss journey?
I'm still learning about veganism and very interested in going for it... What advice can you give for a person who is concerned about eating a balanced vegan diet? Thanks!!
How many calories and how much protein should a vegan half marathoner who is trying to lose some weight aim for?
following you on Twitter!
Is it possible to eat too many bananas?
"FB Friend" Thank You,
timothy J. Sixta
No Question, just comment. To convince your family to go Vegan or plant strong just
tweek the recipes of the things they love like Pizza, veggie burgers, burritos, nachos,spaghetti and so on . The sweets are the same replace sugar with banana in brownies and cookies. Have fun!
Catherine M
I followed Julieanna on Twitter too!
Do you recommend cutting out all oils completely, or do you suggest just reducing them to an occasional thing?
I have children and I grew up omni and I have a deep fear that I will screw up my kids somehow. It's scary. So, I'm going plant based mostly, but I'm relaxed at school and in other situations so they get a little of everything when all is said and done. Does dabbling a little in both worths hurt kids? I'm pretty strict for my personal diet but I'm willing to experiment on myself more. merritt_1976 (at) hotmail (dot) com
What is the single most important thing you would tell someone contemplating a vegan diet?
What about peanut butter? Healthy or not?

I subscribed by email and "friended" on Facebook.

What about peanut butter? Healthy or not?

I subscribed via email and "friended" on Facebook.

What about peanut butter? Healthy or not?

I subscribed via email and "friended" on Facebook.

Sorry about the duplications. The "verification" letters keep saying not correct, so I kept trying. Sorry
I am now following you on Pinterest!
What brand of vitamins do you recommend if any at all?
I follow you on pinterest!
I follow you on twitter (@mgonyeo)
I follow Julieanna Hever on twitter (@mgonyeo)
I find that I get a fair amount of sugar even though it is only through fruits and a few dates here and there. My daily smoothie is a big base of greens with frozen blueberries and frozen sweet cherries. And then a couple apples throughout the day. Is this higher sugar intake (I punched a days worth of food into MyFitness Pal and it came out to around 85 grams)possibly promoting disease and making it tougher to get rid of about 5-7 pounds of vanity weight?
What about nuts? They are high in fat but also very nutritious. Some plant based diets omit them. Are they really that bad? Even if my goal is health and weight loss.
love the info....thanks for sharing...xoxoxoxo
Which are a better source of omega 3's,chia or flaxseeds?And do chia contain lignans like flax do? Karen
I'm a FB friend Karen
Happy to have another resource for plant-based eating! I just friended you on FB :)
What's your take on roasted nuts as opposed to raw? I make my own almond butter with dry roasted almonds, but with the talk of acrylamides and nutrient loss from roasting nuts, is it still ok?
also I Like Julienna on Facebook
and tweeted the giveaway on Twitter :)
Are the omega-3 fatty acids in flax and chia seeds just as nutritious as those found in animal products?
I've subscribed to the blog!
Please enter me in the giveaway. I don't have a question.
I subscribe to your blog.
What are the five best foods for you?
What are the five best foods for you?
What are your thoughts about juicing and smoothies. I recently read something that said smoothies aren't a good thing to drink because you are pulverizing the food and it's better to chew it?
Thanks!!! :)
When you eat chia seeds is it best to grind them as you would flax seeds?
My problem when cooking vegan is egg substitute....what do you suggest?
I don't think that I am eating enough protein since I have become vegan. How many grams of protein do you actually need?
How much fat daily is suggested?
This looks like a great book!
How do you need to adjust your nutrition intake (other than upping calories) to compensate for a new workout plan?
I've been hearing a lot of talk about Vitamin K1 and K2 and that we are deficient in these vitamins. How would you recommend getting more of these vitamins (especially K2) into our diet without taking a supplement? I understand that natto is high in K2 but that is not a very palatable method of getting this vitamin. Thank you. Terri
I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years and in the last couple of years have been experimenting with vegan and whole food cooking. My one biggest hurdle from going 100% vegan is finding a good vegan cheese that comes in slices, melts really well, and is low-fat. Any suggestions?
Followed you on Twitter.
Followed Julieanna on Twitter
I've very set in how I eat, which is a nutritarian, plant-strong, mostly vegan diet, but others around me are not so sure. I sometimes get gripe from friends, family, coworkers, etc about how I eat. Usually it's questions about "how can you get protein without meat?", "where do you get your calcium if you don't consume dairy?", and "how can your brain function without enough fat in your diet?" I know how to answer these questions in general, but they are often in a defensive tone. Do you have any tips for approaching this dilemma without getting defensive or offending other people's choices?
- Amy Rowse
- I will be posting a link to your give-away on my blog in my next post (today or tomorrow)
- I followed and posted a comment on Pinterest

Thanks for the giveaway!
What do you think about coconut oil?
Would you please share your favorite vegan burger recipe? Thanks!
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What supplements, if any, would you recommend that a vegan should take to ensure proper nutrition.
I am curious what your favorite food is?

I subscribe to your blog!
I follow you on Pinterest
Here's a vegan question I've always wanted answered: why do people who eat terrible, high-fat, meat-filled junk food diets that include almost no veggies think that their diet is more healthy than one full of veggies and fruits? Seriously, why are many people so concerned that a vegan diet may leave them without the proper nutrition? I've never understood that!
Following you (@globalvegan) on twitter @teslaca
Following julieanna on Twitter @teslaca
What do you think about different oils- e.g., coconut, safflower? It seems there is a different "vogue" oil each week!
Tweeted about your giveaway:!/teslaca/status/175351905235644417
I commented on FB as to what a FABULOUS book this is. One thing that did surprise me tho was the food pyramid's recommendation of 6-11 servings of whole grains. Seems a tad carb-heavy.
Which is better: a smoothie or juicing?
My husband & I watched Forks Over Knives last fall. On December 5, 2011, we made the switch - for us & our children - to the plant-based lifestyle. We feel SO MUCH BETTER! My husband has already lost more than 40 pounds (he was around 375)! Thank you Robin and Julieanna for all you're doing to promote the plant-strong life.

Here is my question: My newly converted husband who would never TOUCH guacamole now LOVES avocados. Good? Bad? Use in moderation? There are so many differing opinions about it, I'd like to know yours. :)

I already follow both Robin and Julieanna on Twitter; I posted about the giveaway on my FB & Twitter accounts; I friended Julieanna on FB; and I subscribed to Robin on FB.

Thanks again, ladies!

PS ~ Robin, your Global Vegan has literally kept us fed during our transition. The information about getting started, how to stock the vegan pantry and such were so helpful. Extra special thanks to you from my WHOLE family! :)
I was recently reading an article from another nutritionist who said that we don't benefit from the nutrients in smoothies because they are so pulverized that they don't get absorbed into the body. I was shocked and that true? Thanks!
I subscribe!
I follow Julieanna on twitter
This post was really interesting. Julieanna answered what would have been my original question, about oil free sauteing, so now I have a second...kale prep. I like to eat sauteed kale and then adding salt (fat + salt mmmmm) or kale massaged with oil. What are some good no-oil ideas for kale prep?
I also friended Julieanna on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!
What are your thoughts on coconut oil?
Since switching to a vegan, gluten-free diet I've lost weight. Problem is that I don't really have weight to lose. What can I eat that is healthy, vegan and gluten-free that will help keep the weight on? I'd rather not lose any more. I'm 5'9" and 132 lbs.
What can I eat/drink to get my skin to not be so dry? I apply lotion all the time and it doesn't seem to make my skin any nicer. I drink lots of water which sends me to the bathroom about every hour. :(
I follow Julieanna Hever on twitter.
What are your thoughts on vegan pregnancy especially in regard to oils?
I'm trying to cut down on sodium. I notice that I get bad headaches and water retention when I use nutritional yeast. I see on the ingredients that it has sodium in it. It's the only brand I can find locally. I'd hate to stop using it, especially for breakfast items. Does all nutritional yeast have sodium, or is there a low-sodium or no-sodium kind? (My current brand is Red Star). Thank you so much.

P.S., I "liked" Julieanna's "Plant Based Dietitian" page on Facebook, I'd love to win a copy of this book - what a great reference!
what do you suggest as some of the best/healthiest/least expensive staple items to have on hand?
It looks like a great book. I would love to own it.
I "liked" Julieanna on FB.
I've been on a totally vegan diet about 4 years after being on a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet for over 30 years. I changed because I was diagnosed with uber high cholesterol when I developed Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Is there a plant food I can take to try to lower my cholesterol since I take meds now and I really want to get off them.
Just wanted to point out a typo: the chart says that a cup of oil has 224 g fat and 1909 calories! But great post, love Julieanna.
These are AMAZING questions!!! I wish we could answer all of them in one huge fabulous book! Keep 'em coming!!! Thank you all for your support!
Oh, sorry, that is not a typo at all! 16 tbsp in a cup.
I am still not so convinced to abstain from oil. Btw I am following you now on twitter :-)
As a vegan, what are your thoughts on eating eggs from backyard chickens?
Vegan Planet is inspiration and amazing aid to being healthy!
I don't really have a question. but I would love to have this book for my in home library. If I don't win it will stay on my list of books I still need to get.
I know a couple of good sites for nutritional content of fruit and vegetables. However, I haven't found a website for the nutritional content after juicing the fruit and vegetables. Can you point me to a good one?
I've been following you on Twitter for a while now.
what is the best oil to cook with?
Here's my question: Is it okay to use tahini in hummus even though oil itself is not healthy? Thanks in advance!
I'm following you with my google reader! :)
I subscribe to your blog. - Laurie B.
I subscribed to your blog.. and liked you on facebook... I have been doing plants strong for 8 weeks today... I have gotten a few mom's to follow me on facebook on my plant strong thanks for hosting this giveaway.
I've been reading a lot online about plant based diets, and I'm excited about the health benefits of it. Is is possible to convince a meat-and-potatoes guy like my husband to get on board?
I subscribe to your blog and follow you on Twitter.
I "like" Julieanna on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.
Beginner here. Please explain why honey is not considered vegan.
I also follow you on Facebook, so bring on some great recipes and ideas for me - thanks!!
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