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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Heart Healthy Pizza: Review + Cookbook Giveaway!

I first mentioned Heart Healthy Pizza: Over 100 Recipes for the Most Nutritious Pizza in the World on my blog last week. Now I want to tell you more about this breakthrough cookbook (and also give you the chance to win a free copy!)

Heart Healthy Pizza is the first and only cookbook dedicated to the fine art and science of making vegan pizza.  In this book, author Mark Sutton guides the reader on how to make a variety of innovative crusts, sauces, and toppings, with separate sections in the book dedicated to each component. Heart Healthy Pizza has been five years in the making – I know this because I’ve been in touch with Mark as he was developing his book, so I know firsthand how much effort he has put into it.

All of the plant-based recipes contain no added oil and many of the crusts are gluten-free.  The toppings and sauces are made with a wide variety of vegetables, grains, beans, and other plant-based ingredients and include many “cheesy” sauces in a variety of textures and flavors. Sauces include a Quinoa, Artichokes, and Dijon Mustard Sauce, shown in the top photo (photo by Valerie Wagner); as well as a Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Chiles Sauce shown here:

There is also a chapter devoted to innovative pizza creations made with different combinations of the crusts, sauces, and toppings.  Readers are encouraged to “mix and match” the various components, allowing for seemingly infinite variety.  The recipes are super-nutritious, cost-effective, easy to make, and delicious. 

If you like the idea of making delicious, inexpensive, no-added oil, plant-based pizza, then you’ll love Heart Healthy Pizza -- Mark Sutton's gift to vegan pizza-lovers.  You can buy the book direct at HeartHealthyPizza -- where you can also see more pizza photos (there are no photos in the book) -- or you can buy it through Amazon.  Below is a sample recipe from the book for the Millet, Sunflower Seeds, and Oregano Sauce shown in this photo: 

(Note: Recipe and photos ©2012 by Mark Sutton.)

Millet, Sunflower Seeds, and Oregano Sauce
For the sauce:
1 cup cooked millet
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
2 T. corn starch
2 T. dried crushed oregano
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1 cup water

Pizza dough
Toppings of choice
1. Combine all the sauce ingredients except the sunflower seeds and water in a blender or food processor. Pulse a few times, gradually adding the seeds and water until the mixture can be processed into a smooth and thick pancake batter-like consistency.
 2. Pour the sauce over prepared dough and pizza toppings, then bake at 425 to 450 degrees F. (depending upon your oven) for 15 to 20 minutes.
Recipe Notes:
• This recipe makes a very thick sauce. As blobs on top of the pizza, it is reminiscent of raw mozzarella slices on a Margherita-style pizza. Works well for one 12" to 14" pizza.
• Soaking the sunflower seeds for 2 to 4 hours, then draining, will make the sauce a bit more fluffy in texture.

And now one lucky winner will have a chance to win a copy of Heart Healthy Pizza.  Here’s what you need to do:  Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what your favorite pizza topping is.  That’s it!

For extra chances to win, do any or all of the following and then leave a separate comment for each, telling me what you’ve done:
* Mention this giveaway and link to it on Facebook.
* Mention this giveaway and link to it on Twitter.
* Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.
* Friend me on Facebook.
* Subscribe to my blog.

The contest closes Sunday night 2/26 at midnight.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on this blog on Monday morning. Enter now: What’s YOUR favorite pizza topping?

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Portabella mushrooms! This cookbook looks amazing.
Thanks for the giveaway! I've had my eye on this cookbook since its early stages. :)

My favorite topping... hmm. My new favorite is little bits of crunchy broccoli, but mushrooms are my standby!
Mung bean sprouts!!! :-D
Pinned :-)
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Artichoke hearts!
Shared on FB :-)

Trying to win this for my folks. Mom has celiac disease (has for about 32 years) and dad just had a 5-way bypass in November.
I follow you on Twitter
I subscribe to your blog
Sundried tomatoes, yum! The cookbook looks great.
Yes, please :) My favorite topping is probably pineapple.
I'm already friends with you on Facebook
I love jalapenos on pizza!
Michelle W says: Pizza sauce, mushrooms, peppers, daiya pepperjack, jalepenos. YUM!
artichoke hearts!
i follow you on facebook
i follow your blog
Sweet Onions
Olives. Green and black.
Olives. Green and black.
Bell peppers and onion.
Also following on Facebook.
I love mushrooms,peppers and onions on my pizzas.
Definitely roasted vegetables!
And I posted a whole post about the cookbook and a link to your blog and giveaway on facebook.

(Jessica Eiss-photographer)
Spinch-mushroom-broccoli combo
My favorite pizza topping?? That's a hard one... but I guess mushrooms would be it. :)
I follow you on Facebook. :)
I posted about the giveaway on Facebook. :)
We are already facebook friends and I follow you on Twitter. That cookbook looks fantastic.
Just subscribed to your blog. :)
Just started following you on Pinterest. :)
I'm going to have to say that my favorite pizza topping are jalapenos—I love the added spice!
I actually love pesto on pizza
I follow you on Twitter
Kale! Sign me up please.
Shared on FB.
Linked you on Twitter.
I follow you on Twitter and Pinterest (bad,bad site..teehee)
Already a friend on FB.
And,finally, I subscribed to your blog. Thanks.
Gosh, it's tough to choose ONE favorite topping but I would have to say mushrooms!
red onions and hot peppers!
Red bells peppers!
I think olives are my fav
I love peppers and onions! Karen
I'm a facebook friend. Karen
Red bell peppers are my fave!
I love taco pizza! It's the spicy taco sauce that makes it so yummy.
fresh basil is my fave topping!
I am friends with you on Facebook
I follow your blog!
my favorite topping is MUSHROOMS!!!!! mmmmmm <3 them
Olives :)
Black Olives are my favorite topping!
I have also subscribed to your blog via Google Reader!
I subscribe to your blog via Google reader.
I subscribed to your FB public posts. (I couldn't find the add friend function on the timeline version.)
I think broccoli is my favorite pizza topping ... this week!
I love putting satay sauce in place of cheese on my pizza. My favorite topping are green olives, no questionith that:)
Posted to FB!
Olives and sun-dried tomatoes!!
Mushrooms, by far. I usually have at least three different kinds on every pizza I make. Love'em!
No pizza of mine is complete without some mushrooms!
pineapple and my mouth!
Tomatoes are definitely my favorite topping!
carmelized onions with mushrooms and black olives... a glass of big red... and my darling husband.
Black olives! In process of learning to cook vegan. I need all the help I can get.
artichoke hearts
And we are now friends on facebook!
Pineapple! Yum, love pizza!!
Kalamata Olives! So tangy and wonderful.
My favorite pizza topping is broccoli!! :)
I just added you as a friend on Facebook!
Pineapple for the win!
Green olives or sun dried tomato. Your post made me SO hungry.
Roasted vegetables is the best on pizza!!
Thinly sliced red onions.
I followed you on twitter
I shared on facebook
I retweeted the link to the giveaway
I subscribe to your blog
Thanks for the chance to win the cookbook, and all the great recipes you've shared with us!
Favorite topping? Do I have to pick just one??? I suppose I love fresh mushrooms. But I like everything, really! :)
Pineapple and Black Olives!

This book looks amazing!
I'm now following you on Pinterest!
I friended you on facebook!
I can't pick just one, I love veggie supreme!
And I already follow your blog via email!
mmmm - lots of veggies --oh adn garlic!!
Artichoke hearts!
Mushrooms- portabella slices!
Red onions!
Roasted brussle sprouts!
Ive been close to vegan for years, but always had a hangup with cheese. My newborn turned out to be extremely dairy intollerant, so its been an adventure for me the last 7 months. Fake cheeses are just not the same and rather gross to me; im excited to try out some different sauces outside merinera or caramelized onions!
French fries!
I tweeted about the giveaway (I"m @easyvegan on twitter)
I also facebook friended you!
I follow your on twitter
I am now following your blog, which I assume is the same as subscribing. I have never used this site before.
I'm friends with you on facebook
And I mentioned/linked to this contest on FB.
Spinach, red pepper, olives, baby portabellas, pineapple and a thick, zesty sauce I make from scratch. Sorry, I couldn't pick just one.
Mushrooms, can't get enought of them but the asparagus pictured looks gooooooddd!
My favorite pizza topping is mushrooms. That was a hard decision as I like so many veggies on my pizza. Also when I saw this posted I freaked because my fav cookbook is fresh from the veg slow cooker!My fav recipe of all time is lentil kale soup!!! I liked you on fb, signed up to follow you here and pinned you on pinterest. And shared this giveaway with friends...whom I already recommend your cookbooks to! I really hope I win this cookbook!
Cartelized onion
Basil is the best topping!
My favourite pizza topping is definitely sundried tomatoes. :) Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway! I look forward to seeing this book. Yum!
I follow you on twitter already :)
Aaand I follow you on Facebook. Cheers!
My favorite pizza topping is red pepper flakes, never have a pizza without them!
This comment has been removed by the author.
BBQ sauce!
Hi! This book looks great!
I follow you on twitter
Entry #2: I follow you on Twitter. :)
I subscribe to your blog
Entry #3: I retweeted the giveaway. :) Oh and my favorite pizza topping is pineapple. Yum!
mushrooms! :)
Love your books! My must have topping would be mushrooms!
Just linked the giveaway on Facebook!
Just SHARED on my FB Timeline! WOO HOO!
I follow you on here :) My favorite topping would have to be veggies! LOTS and LOTS of Veggies! or just peppers and onions. YUM
My favorite pizza topping is pineapple! And Pine nuts! Can you have two? Well I do!
I am now following you on Pinterest and excited to see your pins!
following on twitter
just sent friend request on FB!
Mushrooms and olives. :)
Now following your BLOG too!
Best book ever?? OMG! I love artichokes on my pizza!
I follow you on Twitter!
I follow you on Twitter. :)
I friend requested you on FB!
I follow your blog through Google Friend Connect.
Mushrooms and onions together are my favorite toppings! Of course there's also basil/pesto, artichokes, spinach, GARLIC....oh man, I could name a lot! ROFLOL!
Subscribed to you on Facebook! Couldn't figure out how to actually friend you! :(
Subscribed to your blog!
Green olives and pineapple
Tomato sauce.
I have already friended you on facebook.
Yum~ Pizza with "sausage", mushrooms,black olives and roasted red pepper!
I have shared your post regarding this contest on Facebook.
Mmmm..super thinly sliced garlic.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gotta have onions and mushrooms!
Gotta have all kinds of mushrooms!! Looked at the book on Amazon and if I don't win, I'll know where to get it!!
Onions! Wow, what an exciting book--NO OIL!!! Love it, hope to win it! Thanks
Mushrooms!!! YUMMY YUM YUM!
Roasted red peppers!
My husband is an orthodox christian and they eat vegan with no oil as fasting days almost 1/2 of the year. I love these great ideas. We love olives!!
I posted to pintrest.
red bell peppers
Not original, I know, but my absolute favorite toppings are mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. Good grief, you can't go wrong with these!
artichoke, green olives, onion and bell pepper
spinach...but we love it with mushrooms, onions and pineapple!
Mushrooms is my favorite topping.
Mushrooms is my favorite topping.
Green peppers
Homegrown organic heritage tomatoes.
Homegrown organic heritage tomatoes.
Homegrown organic heritage tomatoes.
Homegrown organic heritage tomatoes.
mushrooms, definitely! looking forward to learning from your cookbook! pizza=YUM!
Caramlized onions-yummy
Sauteed spinach with garlic, pine nuts, and balsamic vinegar!!!
Veggeroni, aka vegan pepperoni! Pine nuts are a close second... :)
lots and LOTS and LOTS!!! of veggies!
Tomatoe, artichoke, mushrooms and feta.
I like kale, mushrooms, red peppers, black olives and brocollinis...yummy in my tummy.
My favorite pizza topping is TVP flavored like Italian sausage with fennel and garlic. Yum!!
I had a hard time deciding, but onions win! Happy belated Mardi Gras!
These pizzas look divine! My favorite topping is mushrooms, but roasted broccoli is a close second
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hello! My favorite topping (lately!) has been roasted, seasoned eggplant chunks! Oooh! Janine Gregor,
mushrooms! I'd love love to win this book! Nom nom!
I love caramelized onions with fresh, piney rosemary.
Roasted garlic and raspberry vinegar infused roasted veggies....the best!!!!
My favorite toppings would be broccoli and jalapenos. YUM. Has been a while since ate any pizza as daughter has gluten intolerance.
Book looks great. Good Luck!
I like green peppers, onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, garlic slices and rosemary on my pizza. I am sorry to hear that there are no pictures in the cookbook. They always entice you took cook the dish. I like pictures and a little comment about why this recipe is special. I guess I will just have to print the pictures from the post and stick them in my FREE cookbook. Please!
I am already a friend on facebook.
link posted on facebook!
Caramelized onions are my favorite!
My favourite is a tie. Potato and rosemary is amazing, but I also love just a plain margherita. With some cheesy garlic bread on the side.
My favorite pizza toppings are broccoli, sweet onion, & red bell peppers, all seared in iron skillet, then Daiya sprinkled on top.
Caramelized onions are my favorite!
Mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and fresh basil.
I lied I don't follow you on facebook, I can't find you there are so many vegan planetish sites! sorry
red onions!
Liked on FB and subscribed to on Reader. Mushrooms are a must have for me.
I'm partial to kalamata olives!
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