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Vegan Planet: Bananas Foster Split

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Bananas Foster Split

...or would that be "Banana Split Foster"?  Either way, it tasted fantastic!  The inspiration for making this decadent treat was the So Delicious Butter Pecan Almond Milk Ice Cream in my freezer.

The generous folks at So Delicious recently sent me two huge boxes full of their new almond milk products including regular and vanilla almond milk (with lots more protein than other brands); adorable little almond milk mini ice cream bars (the Mocha Almond Fudge Bars are beyond amazing); and several flavors of their almond milk ice cream.

After sampling the Mocha Almond Fudge bars, I know we'd love the ice cream by the same name.  The vanilla and chocolate almond milk ice creams were also outstanding and very rich tasting.  There were, however, two stand-out flavors that I knew deserved special treatment to fully appreciate.

The first was the Cherry Amaretto.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to transform it into an ice cream cake.  As it happened, I needed a special dessert for company that weekend, so I partially melted the gorgeous pink ice cream (with huge pieces of real cherries throughout) and spread it into a springform pan lined with a chocolate cookie crumb crust. I then refroze it and served it for dessert drizzled with melted chocolate.  Our friends couldn't stop raving about it. (sorry I didn't get a photo...)

Then came the Butter Pecan, which happens to be Jon's favorite ice cream flavor so I decided to use it to make one of Jon's favorite desserts: Bananas Foster.  I served it in banana split dishes and added extra pecans to the dark rum sauce.  It was a sublime lovefest of rum-braised bananas and pecans over the most amazing butter pecan almond milk ice cream.

A huge thanks to So Delicious for sending me these wonderful products to sample.  If you see any of these new almond milk treats at the store, try them for yourself. Like the name says, they are "SO Delicious"!


Great idea, Robin! That looks delish. That's my fave flavor too. =)
Thanks Allison! I think that almond milk adds a nice extra layer of richness to the ice cream.
Thanks for the inspiration! I know what I'm serving for my anniversary dessert :)
Robin, I am a huge fun of your books! I own 6 of them.
My only dissapointment is that when a month go I told you on twitter that on the meat and potatoes book of yours the other RR was listed as the author in the amazon website you did not reply to me. I saw they changed it now so that is good! But I would have appreciated if you had replied. Anyway I will finish as I started: I really like your books cause everything I make comes out great! Mary
Hi Mary,

Thank you for your comment. I'm so happy to know that you enjoy my books. I never saw a Twitter comment from you, or I most certainly would have responded to it. I'm not sure what you're referring to about the Meat and Potatoes book having a different RR on Amazon (not sure who that is). At any rate, I'm glad to know they fixed it. Thanks again for your interest in my work. I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your reply! I should not have assumed you saw the tweet and you did not reply, my bad!!
The other RR is another author/poet whose name is also Robin Robertson. It was his credentials listed under author on amazon for *your* vegetarian meat and potatoes cookbook! They fixed that! Thanks again!! I am making red hot chile tofu tonight from Vegan Fire andSpice! Mary
Hi Mary,

Oh, I know who you mean. I didn't see that Amazon had done that! Thanks again.

Hope you enjoy the Red Hot Chile Tofu!
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