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Vegan Planet: Friday with Friends Interview + Cookbook Giveaway

Friday, March 16, 2012


Friday with Friends Interview + Cookbook Giveaway

Late-breaking news:  I'm thrilled to announce that today I am the "friend" on the "Fridays with Friends" feature on Allison's Gourmet Sweet Talk blog. I hope you take the time to read the interview. Allison asked me lots of great questions.  You can read my tips for going vegan, find out how I decide what to write, and lots more.

PLUS...while you're there you can enter to win a copy of Quick-Fix Vegan.  Now for the really fun part:  the comment you're asked to leave to enter the cookbook giveaway is to suggest a theme for my next cookbook.  Who knows, not only might you win a copy of my latest might also be the inspiration for a future cookbook!

Even if you already have a copy of Quick-Fix Vegan, enter the giveaway -- if you win, you can always pass it on to a friend -- and I'd love to hear what theme you'd pick for a new book!

To clarify: the cookbook giveaway is on the Allison's Gourmet blog site (via the above links) -- not on this site.  Good luck!

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I would love to see a vegan cookbook on freezer or exchange group cooking. I have a vegan freezer exchange group with friends and we have not found cookbook that covers this kind of cooking.
Let's be honest, I am a sucker for any vegan cookbook, so I'm quite sure whatever you come up with will end up on my shelf. Thanks for the giveaway!
Thanks for your comments, Valerie and Ashley, but please be sure to post your comments on Allison's blog via the link in my post so that you can be entered in the giveaway. The giveaway is on her site, not mine. Sorry if this wasn't clear -- I'll edit the post now to clarify that point. Thanks again!
I can't comment on Alison's blog because I don't have facebook, hotmail, aol, or whatever the other choice is! Here's what I said: I really hate to diss the VRG group, but many of their Passover recipes are not very tasty. I'd love you to stretch to another culture and create some new recipes or tweak some old ones. Claire -
Thanks Claire!
P.S. Have you tried my Passover recipes in Party Vegan?
It features matzo ball soup, roasted eggplant and potato torta, lemon-scented asparagus bundles, apple-pecan haroset, and fruit crisp with matzo crumb topping.
So wonderful sharing you and your creative genius with our readers, Robin!
Thanks, Allison. It's fun to see all the great ideas people have during the giveaway!
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