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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Post-Thanksgiving Post

I had planned to take photos of my Thanksgiving dinner, but only managed to remember in time for dessert. So here is a photo of my Pumpkin Cheesecake. I was originally going to dust the top perimeter with crystallized ginger, but at the last minute decided on chopped pecans instead. It was very yummy, although there was so much food for dinner, we didn’t even want to think of dessert until several hours later.

For dinner, I basically made the menu as posted on (you can see a photo of the food there — and all the recipes, too). The seitan roulade has been the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving dinner for over 20 years. I sometimes make a different stuffing for it — this year it was a veganized version of my mother’s chestnut stuffing. It was so good. The roasted sweet potato sticks were a big hit -- I sprinkled them with cranberries and some of the chopped pecans I had left from garnishing the cheesecake.

I hope everyone had a very happy vegan Thanksgiving!

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Thank you for posting the awesome Seitan Roulade recipe! It was a delicious hit & a new tradition. :)
Maya: I'm so glad that you enjoyed the seitan roulade. Thanks for letting me know!
Pumpkin cheesecake...yummy.

My oldest requested a sourdough dressing this year. I found a recipe for Artichoke Parmesan Sourdough Dressing. It was pretty good. Next time I am going to chop the bread up a little bit more though. I forgot to take pictures. :(
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