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Vegan Planet: Yuba-wrapped Veggie “Eggrolls”

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yuba-wrapped Veggie “Eggrolls”

Don’t you love it when two divergent ingredients merge to create something better than you could have imagined in the first place? That’s what happened to me when I needed to use up some leftover momo filling (see this post). I remembered that I had some yuba (bean curd sheets) in the freezer, leftover from when I made my Crispy Stuffed Filet of Soy.

I stuffed the yuba with the momo filling (sauteed shredded cabbage, scallions, and ginger, etc.), rolling them up eggroll-style. I then sautéed them in a little oil to brown them and then baked them for a few minutes in the oven to finish browning and make them crisp on the ouside and hot in the middle. I then whipped up another batch of tomato achar to dip them in and a new favorite recipe was born!

Bonus:  In addition to being delicious, using yuba as eggroll wrappers are great not only for vegans but also for those who avoid gluten, since many of the eggroll wrappers available in stores contain egg and are made with wheat.

In other news…Check out today’s post on — I’m today’s guest blogger! My post includes Thanksgiving tips and the recipe for the rich and yummy Chestnut Bisque from Party Vegan.

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Gorgeous! I have yuba sheets and had no idea what to do with them. Eggrolls are in my future.
I have been dying to make vegan egg rolls but could never figure out what kind of wrapper to use. I'll have to check yuba out! Thanks for sharing this.
These look amazing. I am not sure that I can find yuba sheets here.
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