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Vegan Planet: Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

After all my pre-Thanksgiving posts with new recipes for the holiday table, I actually ended up with a slightly revised menu than I had planned.  Since I had just made all those new dishes last week, when it came time to actually cook for Thursday's big meal, it went something like this: When I told Jon I planned to make the pumpkin tiramisu, he said, "You just made that last week.  Can we have an apple pie instead?" So I made an apple pie which turned out to b the BEST apple pie I've ever had in my life.  The secret? Stayman apples!  I never used Staymans before and now I will never use anything else for pies.  Wow, what a flavor.

When I mentioned I was making the new green bean recipe, Jon said, "That was good, but you're going to make the casserole with those fried onion rings, right?"  For my own part, I opted against the "en croute" part of the seitan roast, feeling that we'd have enough carbs without a pasty crust on the main dish.  Instead I glazed the roast with a cranberry-port glaze.  I made the loaded mashed potato casserole, the chestnut-porcini gravy, and roasted sweet potatoes with pecans and cranberries.  I used mango jam to make my cranberry sauce because I still didn't replenish my supply of lime marmalade.

So there you have it.  Some old dishes, some new.  All delicious.  What did you have for Thanksgiving dinner?


Wow, Robin your dinner looks delicious! I wanted to let you know that your blog is an amazing resource for Thanksgiving recipes. I made your pumpkin cheesecake (the variation with the cranberry drizzle) and it was a big hit!!! It tasted just perfect and had fantastic texture. My omnivore dad, who isn't really a cheesecake lover, LOVED it. It's sure to become a tradition every year for us now. Where can I find your recipe for traditional green bean casserole with the fried onion rings? You could seriously write a book on Vegan Thanksgiving alone. (hint hint!) Thanks for all of the great recipes! : )
this looks awesome! Do you have the recipe for the main dish in one of your cookbooks?
i will ditto the request for your 'roast'...thanks!
I wanted to make your lime braised cranberry sauce, but didn't get the lime marmalade in time :-( Anyway, here is a link to our feast! We also made a seitan roast :-) and LOVED it, and I loved seeing your roast, it looks amazing, too!

Bring it, Christmas!! ;-)

Anonymous, I appreciate your kind words about my Thanksgiving recipes and I'm so glad your dad enjoyed my pumpkin cheesecake! The traditional green bean casserole recipe can be found in 1000 Vegan Recipes.

Nancy, The recipe for the seitan roast is similar to the one in Party Vegan (from the Christmas menu) except I didn't add water to the baking pan (I just turned it once or twice while baking), then I removed it from the foil and brushed on the glaze and baked it another 10 to 15 minutes. The glaze I came up with on the fly. It's just some thick cranberry "juice" (drained off the homemade cranberry sauce) combined with some brown sugar and port.

Dawn, Your dinner sounds great! I was out of lime marmalade so I ended up using all mango jam in my cranberry sauce!
Robin, I haven't braved a roast at the family gathering yet, as my family is REALLY stuck in meatville, but I will work on it. My twist this year was using apples in the cranberry sauce, which is not new or unusual, but I used almost as much diced apples as cranberries, and the result is so much less biting than traditional cranberry sauce I think it shall now be a staple. Had it on an everything bagel with Toffutti cream cheese for leftover breakfast the next day- divine!
We had Vegan Dad Sausage (three varieties), Gnocchi with Pumpkin Sauce, Stuffing with fresh and dried fruit (from epicurious), Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Thyme, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, green salad, cranberries and Two Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake. My brother in law loved the cheesecake but I told him the recipe was a secret. I will tell him next year that it is vegan with tofu.
Your dinner looks amazing! I made your Savory Cobbler from your Vegan On the Cheap book, which is one of my favorites. I took it to a very non-vegan Thanksgiving dinner, and it was eaten faster than the rest of the dishes. Thanks again for all of your wonderful recipes!

~Lyndsay O.
Since we wound up eating with non-vegetarians we took our own main dish to contribute. I didn't worry about making it look like a centerpiece, I just wanted it to be good! We went with the chili from "Party Vegan" after all; my husband made it a day ahead and put it in a crock pot. It was a hit! Everyone said it was really delicious, both veg and non-veg alike. But that's always the reaction to that chili- it is sooo delicious!!
That looks delicious! I had nothing for Thanksgiving, because I'm Australian in Australia, but I might have to start my own Thanksgiving!

We're starting to plan our Christmas menu now, and it seems that a quite a bit of Thanksgiving menus are similar to the 'traditional' idea of Christmas roast dinners.
I fixed Dreena Burton's chickpea tart, roasted rosemary red potatoes, the green bean casserole redux from 1000 Vegan Recipes, and cranberry sauce. The green beans were the biggest hit! Because I'm the only vegetarian, I didn't tell anybody the beans were vegan until after they had tried and loved them. I will definitely be making them again.
Unknown, you're dinner sounds great. Glad the green beans were a hit!
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