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Vegan Planet: Super (bowl) Dips + Tribe Hummus Giveaway!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Super (bowl) Dips + Tribe Hummus Giveaway!

There’s usually more than one Super Bowl in the room when watching the big game on TV. Namely, all those super bowls of great food.  Whether you chow down with a big bowl of chili or graze the night away with bowls of dips and chips, food and football are like... [fill in your favorite football analogy here – I don’t know any!]

Now about those dips.  Some favorites to serve with chips and other dippers include a spicy queso, a zesty salsa, or a creamy (or chunky) guacamole. (The guacamole above is actually Guacamame (made with avocado and edamame).  You might enjoy veggies dipped in this Ranch Dressing (photo by Tamasin Noyes) from Party Vegan:

 And then there’s hummus. Beyond the basic chickpea and tahini hummus, you can enjoy a world of hummus flavors made with different beans, spices, and other ingredients, such as this Moroccan Spiced Hummus from Quick Fix Vegan (photo by Andrea Weaver):

Or this guacamole-hummus combo called Hummamole from Quick-Fix Vegan:

Or... you could simply open a container (or two) of delicious Tribe Hummus and get the Super Bowl party started!  Even better, if you get the hummus for free, right? 

That’s why I’m having a Tribe Hummus giveaway just in time for the Super Bowl. To one lucky winner I will send two (2) coupons for any flavor of Tribe Hummus (either the 8-ounce or 16-ounce size!).  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, January 30.

To enter: Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what you’re planning to make for Super Bowl Sunday (even if it's nothing special cuz you're not into the Super Bowl). That’s it!   For additional chances to win, you can do any or all of the following:

  1. Link to this giveaway on Facebook.
  2. Link to this giveaway on Twitter.
  3. Subscribe to my blog, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.
  4. “Like” Vegan Heritage Press” (my hubby’s company) on Facebook.
  5. “Like” Gary World” (my cat’s page) on Facebook.
…then come back here and post a comment telling me what you did – one comment for each action.  

Good luck!

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This hummus dip would be perfect I am in charge of making a veggie platter!! so excited to make all 3!!!
I'm joining a "Souper Bowl" party! No football—it will be all about soups! Everyone's bringing a healthy vegan soup, we sample each together, and bring home a full serving of each!
Since I don't watch football, I'll be making what I usually do on Sundays which is batch cooking for the week. Soup or a beany thing probably.
I am not going to a party for Super Bowl sunday so will not be making anything. But, it is still fun to read what others are doing that day.
I'm craving some nachos - haven't found a vegan cheese I liked yet though. Hmmm....
I haven't really thought about what I will make for the Super Bowl just yet—I'm a little bummed by the outcome, and the 49ers not getting in. However, we'll probably still watch, and if I have my way, I'll make a big plate of nachos, including chips, refried beans, guacamole, vegan sour cream, and Daiya cheese. Also, I would quite possibly make your slow-cooked spinach artichoke dip, because it was absolutely amazing!

~Lyndsay O.
I subscribed to the blog, but it's, but the confirmation code is being a little funky. Hopefully it worked!
i'm planning on making peanut butter pillows!
I don't watch football, so I will be preparing my week's meals like normal (oatmeal, rice with beans, veggies, and bean dip).
I'll be studying for my final exam the next day :( so no Super Bowl parties for me.
Shared on Facebook!

Although my team (the Packers) are not going to be in the Super Bowl this year, I will still be pulling for the Giants since they are the NFC contender.

Hoping to celebrate the Super Bowl with some hummus and other vegetarian/vegan treats!
I have no idea what I'll make that day (that's so far away and we're not having a party or even watching the game), but hummus will undoubtedly be consumed as we eat it every day!
I'm subscribed to your blog.
I'll be making Tempeh Wingz from Don't Eat off the Sidewalk! I don't havr the zine :( the recipe is from the website.

Hope you have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for the Giveaway!
Is the super bowl coming up, lol?! I am not planning on making anything, but I would definitely eat some hummus if I win :-)
I subscribe to your blog!
I am not really planning anything special for the super bowl (I don't usually watch it....)

I will probably make a big soup or stew for the week, like I normally do on Sundays.

larkspurpurple (at)
I will set out raw carrots, and a bag of garden vegetable straws (less fat than chips). Might make your chili recipe from Quick Fix Vegan early in the day so that we can relax.
I'm not really planning to watch the game, but I saw a recipe for tofu buffalo wings on Joni Newman's blog that look delicious!
Not making anything because I don't watch football... American or otherwise. I will eat any vegan Superbowl food you put in front of me though.
I'm not watching superbowl, but after reading your post I want to make the pumpkin hummus. that sounds delish.
I think I'll make some roasted red pepper hummus.
I'm following your blog!
I don't watch sports but I'm sure I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl! Maybe I'll make your coconut chocolate brownies. Can't get enough of those! Karen
I think I will bring cookies to the party...who doesn't like cookies?! :) Thanks for the giveaway!
I like VHP!
I like Gary's World
pizza with kalamata, carmelized onion and homemade veggie snausage!
The first hummus looks absolutely delicious and I need to try it soon! ^^ Generally we serve subs with hand-made bread, light olive oil and a spread of avocado "mayo" with plenty of sprouts, seitan and hummus around.
Going to have to go with buffalo tofu!
Lots of dips! Rosemary, garlic and yellow split pea with pita chips, some ranch made with vegan sour cream, chips and salsa, hummus, of course.
NaCheez dip and tortillas!
I don't watch football either but we will have Afghan bread spread with avocado, topped with a little of the braised eggplant I just made, with onion sauteed in olive oil, ginger, garlic, tomato paste, cilantro and Urfa pepper flakes. (Urfa is a city n Southeast Anatolia that some say is the birthplace of Abraham. Four kinds of pepper flakes were my souvenir of this visit to Turkey.)
Forgot to mention: The eggplant also had green pepper and diced tomato
Not sure what I'm cooking for the game, but we'll be drinking champagne with rose syrup.
Lots of veggies and vegan chili!
I will probably not be celebrating the superbowl because I'm not exactly a fooball fan. Buy my roommates will probably be watching the game, so I may make myself a sunshine burger (burgers are considered game food, right?), and if I win the giveaway I'll have a nice platter of veggies and hummus!
I liked garys world on Facebook.
I liked heritage press on Facebook
I subscribed you on on Facebook. There wasnt a friend button, just a subscribe.
I shared the giveaway on facebook
I tweeted a link to the giveaway. @ sarahgarvey
I will probably make jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks and buffalo tofu fries for Superbowl. Oh, and nachos too!
I liked Vegan Heritage Press.
I liked Gary World. He's so cute!
I linked your giveaway on FB and Twitter.
I linked to your page on FB!
We are friends on FB.
I follow VHP on FB!
I'm now following Gary World on FB!
Super Bowl's next weekend? I'll probably be nursing a nasty hangover, to be honest. Miso soup it is!
I am planning on making chili (with Meat for my boys and vegetarian for me) and some cornbread. I'll probably make a vegan chocolate cake for dessert.
Rice crispy treats! lol
I subscribe to you through Google reader, and GO GIANTS!
And I forgot to say- I'm definitely making nachos and guacamole. Either cheese-less or dairy-free cheese on those nachos. And a pinch of cumin in the guac!
They all look so yummy!! I am subscribed! Enjoy the game!!
I am not too much into football, but will watch a bit while munching on hummus and chips and carrots. I am friends with Robin, Like VH Press, and I LOVE Gary on Twitter and Facebook! If the game is good, I'll watch; but if not, I'll be looking at my cookbooks planning menus for the next week.
Well, the Packers aren't in it.... not that it would make a big difference to me.... but I WILL be serving hummus, guacamole, salsa and all the rest for my husband and friends. And I love Tribe!

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